Blue Apple Books Learn-a-Language Flash Cards: Animals

A full-size illustration of an animal appears on one side of the card. On the other side is a smaller illustration and the word for that animal in three languages--English, French, Spanish. An adult plays with a child who is learning to tal...k by showing him or her the picture and then encouraging the repetition of the word in any or all of the three languages. If the child is a bit older, the adult can point out the letters that form the words and ask that child to say them, too. A child with some basic letter or reading proficiency could also use the cards on his or her own to learn the words. Once the child has gained some grasp of the words, the adult can have the child guess or remember the words by just showing the picture without showing the words (at first). Letting the child have fun being noisy is a big part of this acitivitys appeal. Adults should encourage the child to shout, or whisper, or sing the words--depending on each particular childs personality and natural inclinations. The illustrations are both intricate and spare, perfect for holding younger childrens focus. Book Details: Format: Flash Cards Publication Date: 6/11/2013 Pages: 30 Reading Level: Age 3 and Up Author: Huy Voun Lee Publisher: Blue Apple Books Read More

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