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Music superstar Beyonce first burst on to the scene as part of the all-girls singing group Destiny's Child. Beyonce released her first solo album in 2003 and the group eventually disbanded in 2005. Beyonce had continued success as a solo artist and began expanding her name by act ... Read More ing in movies, getting involved in fashion and endorsement deals. Beyonce's fragrance were created with the help of Givaudan's Claude Dir and Olivier Gillotin and was first released in early 2010. Beyonce Heat perfume features a woodsy, fresh scent and is available in a variety of sizes. The Beyonce Heat Rush perfume has more of a vanilla smell to it and comes in a stylish bottle that can be used for display purposes as well. Beyonce's Pulse Body Spray has a combination of pear, jasmine and vanilla scents giving it a fresh, flowery smell. Not only does Beyonce offer perfumes, but also gift packages of perfumes that feature lotions and creams. The Beyonce Pulse Gift Set includes perfume, hand cream, body lotion and shower gel, all with the fruity scent of Beyonce Pulse Perfume. The Beyonce Heat Rush gift set includes perfume, lotion and shower gel. Beyonce perfumes are designed to empower women and are available in many different scents.
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