Bethesda Fallout New Vegas - PlayStation 3

Learn more about Fallout New Vegas. (Flash demo) Be aware of what may be lurking around the next corner in the dangerous Mojave Wastelands in this post-apocalyptic world. Your goal is to make a name for yourself, but beware in New Vegas, fo...rtunes can change in an instant. It's a town of dreamers and desperados where the right person with the right weaponry can make a name for themselves as well as make an enemy or two along the way. As you battle across the Mojave Wastelands and the neon-drenched Vegas Strip, you'll meet colorful characters, dangerous factions, mutated creatures and more. Choose sides in the upcoming war or declare winner takes all and crown yourself the King of New Vegas. Fallout New Vegas places you on a thrilling journey in post-apocalyptic Las Vegas, called New Vegas. Travel across the treacherous landscape of the devastated wastelands, meet new people and use the latest high-tech weaponry on terrifying monsters. Explore the treacherous wastes of the Great Southwest from the safety and comfort of your very own vault. While Vault-Tec engineers have prepared for every contingency, in Vegas, fortunes can change in a heartbeat. Read More

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