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Enhance your Xbox 360 gaming experience with these Polk Melee headphones that feature 4 audio immersion modes, helping to reveal the vibrant, captivating sound that your games have to offer. Sound isolation allows you to concentrate on your... performance. Read More

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You love the immersive visuals, enveloping sound and engaging storylines that your Xbox 360 delivers. You've conquered worlds, dom...inated battlefields and claimed championships, but you feel like something is missing. With this Essentials Pack, you'll be able to expand your online gaming experience with clear communication, make sure your controller is ready for use and surround yourself with stunning graphics. Are you ready to make your Xbox 360 gameplay Elite? Enhance your Xbox 360 experience with this Elite Essentials Pack, which includes the EX-03 In-line Messenger Headset, a rechargeable battery pack, the Xbox 360 Play and Charge Cable and a 1080p HDMI cable. Clearly communicate with your teammates on the battlefield with the EX-03 In-line Messenger Headset that features a noise-canceling microphone and a large sound chamber. Easily adjust the volume of the headset or mute the microphone with the in-line ergonomic controls. Make sure your Xbox 360 controller is charged and ready for use with the rechargeable battery pack and easily recharge your controller from across the room with Xbox 360 Play and Charge Cable. Dive into the gorgeously rendered worlds of your favorite games by connecting your Xbox 360 to your compatible TV with the HDMI cable. You have the Xbox 360, now you need the essentials for gaming. Read More

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From cutting-edge gaming development teams to the biggest Hollywood studios, the entertainment world revolves around one common transporting you from your seat in the living room to a world you've never experienced. Every detail, down to the last pixel, is designed to re-create reality before your eyes and ears. But when the sound from your games, movies and music trickles through flat, unrefined speakers, you lose an entire dimension of the experience and stay trapped on your living room couch. Don't let a single clash of a sword, note of the soundtrack or whispered secret pass you by Amplify your entertainment with the Yapster Blaster Amplified Headset. Finely tuned with the latest sound technologies and ready for use with virtually any platform, this sleek headset directs every minute audio detail into your ears to completely engage you in the realms of your entertainment. From the deep rumblings of military aircraft to the spine-tingling shrill of the violins on the soundtrack, the powerful 40mm neodymium drivers deliver full dynamic range with unparalleled performance. Your appetite for entertainment is big so you deserve only the biggest sound. With award-winning XJacKer amplification technology super-charging every audio detail, the Yapster Blaster not only blows up the sound it blows you away. Read More

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Learn more about Xbox 360 Headset. (Flash demo) Modern gaming depends on state-of-the-art advancements when it comes to controller...s, and the Xbox 360 stands right on the cutting edge. Mashing buttons won't do anymore. It's time to communicate, collaborate and command. The Xbox 360 Headset allows users to interact with games that feature voice-commands, plus engage in chat and strategy sessions with teammates over Xbox Live. A noise-canceling microphone with adjustable boom stays close to your mouth and ensures that your voice will always come through loud and clear. The lightweight, over-the-head design looks sharp and feels comfortable, and a volume/mute control keeps you in command of the situation. Read More

Turtle Beach
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It's the final 10 seconds of the game, and you're down by four. With the ball on your opponent's 30-yard line, you call the play t...hat will soon prove to be your shining moment. You approach the line, and you can hear him barking taunts through your TV. Surveying the defense, you notice that his cornerback is out of position and you call a streak. You hike the ball and the cornerback blitzes, just as your receiver tears up the field. You hit the button and launch a prayer. Being wide open, your receiver snatches the ball out of the air and lands in the end zone. The win and the glory are yours and your opponent has nothing to say. Hear every reload, taunt, direction and footstep with the Ear Force XP400 Wireless Dolby Surround Sound Gaming Headset for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. Dive into exciting gameplay with this headset that features 50mm speakers with neodymium magnets and Dolby Surround Sound for immersive 360 audio. Enjoy clear communication with your teammates or when talking trash to your competition with dual-pairing Bluetooth technology which allows for wireless chat over Xbox LIVE and the PlayStation Network and lets you answer phone calls while gaming. Keep your ears protected against deafening game sounds like gunfire and explosions with the Ear Guard with Blast Limiter. Personalize your audio and carefully balance game and chat sounds with equalizer presets and independent volume controls. Featuring a state-of-the-art 2.4/5GHz dual-band Wi-Fi connection, the headset virtually eliminates network interference with other wireless devices for clear, consistent communication. Hear the voices of other players through the excitement as the Dynamic Chat Boost automatically increases the chat volume to match increases in game volume. Stay comfortable during lengthy gaming sessions thanks to the breathable mesh ear cushions. With unparalleled audio quality, innovative connection technologies and an array of comfort and convenience features, this headset gives you the competitive advantage you need in the world of online gaming. Read More

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When you're behind enemy lines, you and your teammates need to rely on each other to escape the battle in one piece. Whether you'r...e scouting for snipers or providing cover fire so your allies can move forward, the lines of communication need to stay open. Make sure your squad is working together with this EX-05 Lite High-Definition Headset for Xbox 360. Be informed of everything that's going on with the 40mm high-quality speaker driver that blends clear game sounds with crisp Xbox LIVE chat, and stay comfortable and cool during extended gaming sessions with the lightweight mesh headband and breathable microfiber ear cups that keep your ears cushioned. Communicate clearly with your online friends thanks to the noise-isolating microphone that eliminates echo and external noise, and use the quick-access push/pull mute function when you need to have a conversation with someone else in the room. Enjoy a personalized experience with hinged ear cups that conform to your head shape and flippable boom that allows you to wear this headset on whichever side you prefer. Read More

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As a pilot, battling for control of the Frontier in Titanfall, you rely on your most important sense hearing. It's important for y...ou to be able to anticipate danger before it's too late. When you can't see your enemy face-to-face, you have to hone in on the surrounding sounds the reverberations of an enemy's footfall, the voices of your teammates and other acoustic clues, which could be the only things that keep you alive. When you're immersed in gameplay, sound is important, and this Ear Force Atlas Official Gaming Headset brings the soundscape of Titanfall to life in stunning, dynamic detail. Designed for Xbox One and compatible with Xbox 360 and Windows, this headset works with every version of Titanfall, so you can envelop yourself in the electrifying audio of your favorite game thanks to the full-range 50mm speakers. Add depth and punch to your game's audio with built-in Bass Boost. Adjust the game and chat volumes until you achieve a mix that suits your preferences, and easily mute the microphone when you don't want to be heard. Stay in clear vocal contact with your fellow pilots with the high-quality removable microphone and use the microphone monitor feature, which lets you hear your own voice in the headset to help you avoid shouting. Game in total comfort thanks to the twist-cup design that consists of rotatable earcups with breathable mesh cushions, so you can wear the headset around your neck. Take the headset with you for mobile gaming on a compatible cell phone, tablet or other portable device. With this Titanfall Ear Force Atlas Official Gaming Headset, you'll be ready for any action headed your way. Read More

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When it comes time to hook up your headset to your Xbox 360, you'd like to know that your options are open and you don't have to w...orry about compatibility. After all, who wants to waste time thinking about cables and connectors when you could be taking out an evil alien race or sniping down bad guys? With this Ear Force Audio Adapter, you've got your bases covered. The Audio Adapter features RCA (stereo) outputs to make quick and simple work out of connecting an analog headset to Xbox 360 models that use an HDMI connection. The adapter also allows simple attachment to HDMI home theater systems. Own a digital headset, but your Xbox 360 model has the original optical audio output? It's not a problem with the help of this adapter. It can be frustrating when mixing and matching generations of rapidly evolving technology, but the Ear Force Audio Adapter helps you effortlessly bridge the gap. Read More

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Enhance your Xbox 360 gaming experience with these Polk Melee headphones that feature 4 audio immersion modes, helping to reveal t...he vibrant, captivating sound that your games have to offer. Sound isolation allows you to concentrate on your performance. Read More

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Gaming takes extreme focus. Whether you're on an epic adventure to save the world or in the middle of an intense battle, you need remain in the zone. The SLYR Gaming Headset is designed specifically for gaming, so you can enjoy enhanced sound quality that brings your favorite games to life. Prepare yourself for the ultimate game changer. Get in the zone when you game with this SLYR Gaming Headset for Xbox 360, PS3 and PC. Enhance your experience, hear and even feel the powerful bass and precision highs brought to your ears by Proprietary Supreme Sound technology. Prepare for stealth mode by quickly stashing away the moveable boom mic. Control your audio levels with the GMX in-mixer that provides individual settings for game audio and voice. Enjoy custom sound equalization settings for games, music and movies thanks to the headset's EQ3. Get ready to experience the future of sound. Skullcandy SLYR Gaming Headset for Xbox 360, PS3 and PC Read More

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Turtle Beach Ear Force PX4 Wireless Dolby Surround Sound Gaming Headset for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360: Dual-band B...luetooth lets you multitask by answering incoming phone calls while adventuring in your latest video game. Read More

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