Best Buy Nintendo - Stand and Cradle Set for Nintendo Wii U GamePad - Black

You don't want to be trading bullets with an enemy army or in the midst of an epic boss battle only to have your batteries bite the dust. If the controller dies, you die. Neatly store your GamePad while keeping it charged with this set. Sta...y powered up and in the game with the GamePad Stand and Cradle Set for Wii U. Keep your Wii U GamePad fully charged with the cradle, and grab the controller with ease when you're ready to play with this stand that keeps it close at hand. When you're not dominating your virtual world, show off your GamePad with pride with this specially designed set that displays the controller in an easy-to-view, upright position. Stand and Cradle Set for Nintendo Wii U GamePad Read More

Turtle Beach
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Only at Best Buy You're safe in the trenches when suddenly you witness enemy soldiers closing in on your troops. You try to warn t...hem, but by the time they receive your message it's game over. Don't let this happen to you. Communicate clearly with your teammates and enhance your game audio with the Ear Force N11, a headset that brings your Nintendo Wii U and 3DS games to life the way only Turtle Beach can. Welcome to the next level of gaming. Strap on the Ear Force N11 Gaming Headset for enhanced audio and communication during Nintendo Wii U and 3DS gameplay. The headset features acoustically angled 50mm speakers with neodymium magnets that provide high fidelity audio with enhanced directional perception, so you can hear everything from deep bass to crisp highs. The high-sensitivity microphone with flexible boom helps ensure clear communication with other players. The headset's lightweight, around-the-ear design and breathable mesh cushions provide comfort during extended gaming sessions and tournaments, while the 4' cable allows for greater freedom of motion, so you can truly get into your game. Read More

Best Buy
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Only at Best Buy Disney Infinity immerses you in exciting movie worlds called Play Sets, where you'll embark on original adventure...s, solve puzzles, overcome obstacles and more. Fusing movies, video games and reality into one groundbreaking experience, Infinity gives you a unique door into the magic, through a collection of character figures that activate the Play Sets when they're placed on the base. To change it up, take the action to the game's Toy Box. Here, you can mix up items from all of the Play Sets and craft your own custom game world. Once your masterpiece is complete, open it up for your friends to explore in four-person co-op play. With tons of additional characters to collect, powers to unlock and magic to create, you've only just begun your journey into Infinity. Hook up with Phineas the figure that adds action and excitement to your collection. With his Tuck 'n' Roll and Baseball Shooter in your arsenal of moves, you'll be able to quickly and innovatively defeat enemies. Get ready to set off on adventures that are as endless as summer with this Disney Infinity Phineas Figure. Read More

D3 Publisher
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What better way to introduce your new Nintendo Wii U console than with a good, old-fashioned family extravaganza? From your little... sister to grandpa, everyone can hop in and enjoy the easy-to-use controls and hilarious contests of Family Party: 30 Great Games Obstacle Arcade. From extreme obstacle courses in wacky settings to fun sports, arcade and card games, the Family Party offers nonstop entertainment for the whole family. Gather everyone around the Wii U controls and go head-to-head in an array of games so varied that each member of your party is sure to find a way to excel. From the creators of the original Wii hit, Family Party: 30 Great Games comes 30 all-new diverse and challenging games, each optimized for play with the new Wii U controller. Dodge giant bouncing balls, jump over alligators, take off on a jetpack and more as you enter a wild world of multiplayer competitions. Face off head-to-head against friends and family members, using the unique Wii U controller and display to track scores and game progress while you compete. Play virtual versions of your favorite sports games, such as air hockey, eating contests and rodeos, or kick back with classic arcade and card games. Unlock exciting new games and characters when you win trophies and achieve high scores. With simple rules that everyone can understand, Family Party makes it easy to turn your living room into an entertainment megaplex. Read More

2K Games
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The game-changing turnovers. The bitter rivalries. The sensational buzzer beaters. There are professional sports and then there is... professional hoops. Out on the hardwood, anything can happen with one second remaining on the shot clock. Here, underdogs triumph, dynasties fall and legends are born. You live for the thrill of game night, know the plays by heart and are loyal to your team to a fault. Now, it's time to get off the sidelines, lace up your shoes and step up for tip off as the grit and the glory of the NBA slam dunks into your world. This year, live the NBA action like never before, with more control, more realism and more ways to shape the history of pro basketball. After selling more than 5 million copies worldwide and winning more than 25 Sports Games of the Year awards, the industry-leading franchise that brought you NBA 2K12 further transcends the realm of sports video games, joining forces with Jay-Z as executive producer. NBA 2K13 propels the action into the next generation, colliding the newest kings of the court with legends of NBA history for epic matchups, including the one that's got everyone talking Team USA of 2012 versus the Dream Team of '92. With an enhanced My Player mode and all-new gameplay features, NBA 2K13 gives you new ways to hone your techniques and rise to the championship. Are you ready for tip off? Read More

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They're marching out of primetime and straight into your living room The Walking Dead have arrived, and this time, they're hungry ...for you. You've followed the cast's journey on the Emmy award-winning AMC show. Now, the barren, post-apocalyptic Georgia countryside is your new reality in the first-person action experience that is The Walking Dead. Strap your crossbow over your shoulder and step into the path of certain danger as apocalypse survivor Daryl Dixon. Stranded in the ravaged fields of Georgia, joined only by your overbearing brother, Merle, you cling to the rumor of safety in Atlanta your one remaining hope for survival. Presuming, of course, that you make it there at all. Walking hordes of the undead relentlessly track your sight, sound and smell, determined to claim you as their next victim. Should you be discovered, you'd stand little chance against the onslaught of zombies stirred to action, so you must use careful planning to avoid detection. In a world with no respite from danger, every threat must be assessed and every situation, analyzed if you want to continue walking among the living. Read More

D3 Publisher
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Buckle up and get ready to race into the high-octane universe inspired by DreamWorks Animation's film, Turbo. Packed full of large...r-than-life environments, super-charged action and revved-up characters Turbo: Super Stunt Squad will have you pushing the pedal to the floor for high-speed excitement. From performing mind-boggling stunts to tricking out your favorite character's look, this game offers dynamic gameplay that will challenge your skills and get your pulse pounding. Speed off on high-velocity adventures with Turbo, Smoove Move, Whiplash, Skidmark and Burn you're on the stunt squad now. Get ready to develop your favorite character's signature street style and show off your smooth skills by performing impressive stunts, such as drifts, slides, flips, Turbo-charged jumps, lightning-fast speeds, adrenaline-pumping combos and more. The more respect you earn by pulling off jaw-dropping moves, the more customizations and abilities you unlock. Upgrade your abilities for increased acceleration, speed and grip on the course, earn unique moves like Turbo's Tuck-and-Roll or Skidmark's Nitro Boost, then finish it off by unlocking new shells, stickers and paint jobs for your character. With a variety of timed stunt missions, item collection missions, special trick objectives, point challenges and more coming your way, you'll have to use everything you've got to stay on top. When you're navigating human-scale environments littered with everyday objects, such as taco trays, hot sauce packets, kitchen stoves and tires, you'll need all your focus to perform sensational stunts. Are you ready for high-speed adventure with your favorite characters from Turbo? Read More

Disney Interactive Studios
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High-flying escapades await with the video game follow-up to the new Disney animated film, Planes. Join big-hearted, speed-loving ...crop duster Dusty on adventures through the air with fellow characters Ishani, Echo and Bravo for action-packed fun you'll instantly want to share with your friends. Grab your Nintendo Wii U GamePad and prepare for challenging global missions, thrilling air races and grand adventures around the world. When you're a plane, even the sky isn't the limit. Get to know 10 characters from the film and play as each one when you travel to 10 breathtaking, captivating environments inspired by the film, from Propwash Junction to the exotic lands of China. It's up to you to complete every mission-based objective that lies ahead of you all packed with entertaining adventure and exhilarating exploits including racing missions. Experience all four modes of gameplay, including Story, Balloon Pop, Free Flight and Air Rallies, for high-flying fun that will have you on the edge of your seat. Share the amazing experience with a friend in drop-in, drop-out co-op gameplay that lets a buddy play as any of the characters featured in the game. So strap yourself in and take to the skies with all of your favorite Disney's Planes characters. Read More

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A lethal countdown of escalating terrorist attacks on U.S. interests has begun ticking away. With each moment that passes, the cha...nce of another attack increases. A group of 12 unknown terrorists have had enough of the U.S. military presence that spans two-thirds of countries around the world, and have initiated a regime of terror called the Blacklist. Operating on a mandate directly from the President, it's up to Sam Fisher and his elite, clandestine squad, the newly formed 4th Echelon unit, to hunt down this band of terrorists by any means necessary and stop the Blacklist countdown before it reaches zero. Do you have what it takes to strap on your weapon and face this deadly threat? Will you have the courage to save us all? In the pursuit of terrorists, it can become necessary to operate without restrictions. Along with technical operations manager Anna Grim Grimsdottir, operative Isaac Briggs and hacker Charlie Cole, Sam must search far and wide, from exotic locales to U.S. cities as he and his team race against the clock to extract any information that will prevent the next attack. Sam's Kill in Motion ability lets him strike with lethal precision by marking and executing multiple enemies in one fluid motion. Active Sprint gives him the power to climb walls, leap over barriers and traverse environments with seemingly zero effort. The upgraded snake cam, micro-trirotor drone and other new gadgets can be controlled by Sam's OpSat, displayed on your Nintendo Wii U GamePad, to scout ahead, mark targets remotely, distract enemies or explode with frag-grenade force. On board the repurposed stealth airliner, the Paladin, the team has access to unlimited resources and cutting-edge technology, including the Strategic Mission Interface (SMI), which allows the team to receive data about mission objectives while on the move. With his tactical suit, lethal abilities, innovative gadgets and talented team, Sam may be the only hope this country has left. Read More

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SynopsisYou've watched the Transformers battle it out on the big screen now it's your turn to take on the dreaded Decepticons. TRA...NSFORMERS PRIME will make your adrenaline rush as you attempt to conquer the evil Megatron and his new secret weapon Thunderwing. This is your chance to save the world. Enter the battlefield and prepare to defeat the deadliest Transformer of all Megatron. Go head-to-head against the Decepticons in TRANSFORMERS PRIME, where you get the chance to become Optimus Prime, Arcee Bumblebee, Ratchet, Bulkhead or one of 11 playable Autobots. Join forces with human friends, Jack, Miko and Raf to defeat Megatron and his new secret weapon Thunderwing. Fire lasers, rockets, punches, incredible melee combat moves, then deftly transform into a devastating driving machine to help take down the enemy threat. Team up with friends in Multiplayer mode and further explore the many dangerous environments that await. Switch between TV and Wii U GamePad screens for a heart-pounding thrill, then upgrade your character mid-game using your touch screen, steer your vehicle using your Wii U gamepad and fight your way to victory. Can you win the war against evil? Read More

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Players, start your engines. It's time to once again get on the racing circuit and compete against characters from the Mushroom Ki...ngdom that you know and love. For the first time on the Nintendo Wii U console, you get to experience the racing action that has been a fan favorite for years, with a few added features to keep things interesting. So buckle up, push the pedal to the floor and get ready to turn this classic racing experience upside down. With new racing circuits, new gameplay features and a stunning new look, Mario Kart 8 certainly lives up to the legacy. The new anti-gravity feature will have you suddenly finding yourself racing on walls in a haunted mansion or upside-down over Princess Peach's castle not to worry, the wheels on your kart will automatically rotate and shift into antigravity gear for an awesome racing element that allows mind-blowing new circuit designs. The previous games in the Mario Kart franchise introduced some amazing features, so they're back for more in Mario Kart 8. You can still see who's got what it takes in 12-player online competitive play. Hang gliders and motorbikes are back, as well as underwater racing and mid-air tricks, while Waluigi and Toadette rejoin the cast of characters. As the icing on the cake, the crisp, high-definition graphics and 60-frames-per-second frame rate of your Nintendo Wii U ensure a visually stunning and vibrant gameplay experience that you won't soon forget. Read More

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