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Dreamt up in 1939 by artist Bob Kane and writer Bill Finger, DC Comics' Batman is one of the most beloved comic-book superheroes. After Bruce Wayne as a young boy witnesses the murder of his parents, he swears to fight crime and seek revenge against all the bad guys. He trains hi ... Read More mself, develops a high-tech bat-themed costume, and operates out of Gotham City as Batman, with associates such as Robin, Alfred Pennyworth, and Jim Gordon. Batman is featured in comic books, Batman movies such as The Dark Knight Rises, and in toys and games such as Batman Legos. Batman action figures are a favorite for kids everywhere. The blue-suited Power Attack Fighting Cyclone Spinkick Batman can throw a punch, pop a kick, and use crazy moves to activate spinning blades and other weapons. The Power Attack Fighting Piston Punch Batman, who wears all gold and black, has a handgun that comes to life when action is initiated. With a giant green electric saw on hand, the Power Attack Fighting Sawblade Slash Batman is always ready to rumble. Parents also love The Dark Knight Rises Armor Role Playset -- with its realistic armor and cape, it allows any kid to transform into Batman and use the six-disc blaster to fight the villains of Gotham. Additional favorites include Batman cars such as the Dark Knight Squadron Vehicles and the Dark Knight Rises QuickTek Combat Bustertank Vehicle.
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