Barnes & Noble 1001 Questions to Ask before You Get Married

"An important and essential book for all couples contemplating marriage." Dr. Barry G. Ginsberg, Executive Director, Center of Relationship Enhancement Love can be bliss, but marriage takes work. Communication, compromise, and joint decisi...on making are key ingredients to a successful marriage. Using a variety of fun, interactive formats, including multiple choice, fill-in-the-blank, and hypotheticals, relationship expert Monica Mendez Leahy brings to the table these and many other important issues that will arise in every marriage including the ones that may blindside you. 1,001 Questions to Ask Before You Get Married will help you and your partner explore your common goals and perspectives as well as celebrate your unique differences as you prepare for your life journey together. Through the questions posed in this book, you and your betrothed will explore fundamental questions about nature, thought processes, lifestyle, and marital expectations, including: Is there such a thing as innocent flirting? Do you both want children? How important is religion in your life? Do you think couples should share the same political views? Read More

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