Barnes & Noble 100 Pieces of Folk Wisdom for Pregnancy and Parenting

Children don t come with instructions, so parents have always done their best and made them up as they go along. And, for good or for ill, they are constantly besieged with advice on pregnancy and parenting. If the mother s carrying high, i...t s commonly held that the child will be a boy. It s also said that babies cry just to exercise their lungs. Have you heard that all newborns are immune to colds? The authors of 100 Pieces of Folk Wisdom for Pregnancy and Parenting take a new approach to unsolicited advice: they confirm or debunk it. Sorting the common sense from the nonsense, this is the handbook to consult when relatives (and strangers) offer their well-intentioned but sometimes misguided suggestions. Will propping up your baby put excess strain on her back? Is your bouncing baby boy healthier than another baby with a lower body weight? Does sugar really make kids run around in circles? Entertaining and informative, the advice in this informative guide will help new parents wade through the do s and don ts of pregnancy and parenting while steering clear of the myths and misconceptions. Full of charm and sound advice, 100 Pieces of Folk Wisdom offers practical tips to parents and addresses misconceptions about pregnancy and parenting. Can you pick out the fact from the fiction? Try these: Feed a cold and starve a fever. Breakfast is your child s most important meal of the day. When you re pregnant, it s best to sleep on your side. Don t let strangers handle your newborn. Sugar makes a child hyperactive. Read More

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