Barbie Barbie Iron-On Style Doll

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Girls will love creating customized outfits for Barbie doll!
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With over 30 decals to choose from, girls can create one-of-a-kind looks.
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Designing with Decals

Once again, Barbie doll proves fashion is all about fun - because it?s even more fun when you?re the designer! The Barbie Iron-On Style doll comes with the fashions and tools girls can use to create their own printed t-shirts and other looks: multiple fashions and decal sheets along with a no-heat ?iron,? a dress form to iron on and an on-trend looking Barbie doll.

30+ Decals

Start by selecting a fashion and putting it on the flat dress form. The set comes with three tops, two skirts and a denim cropped jacket, but the iron and decals will work with any Barbie fashion. More than 30 decals are included and feature signature Barbie icons, sweet animals and favorite girly images - both classic and modern.

No-Heat Iron Is Cool

Position the decal on the garment and rub with the iron - no heat is required. Then peel away the clear plastic backing to reveal a transformed piece. The decal is permanent for long-term fun. Add a heart here, a Barbie silhouette there and a dressed-up puppy or kitty anywhere.

Mix-and-Match Fun

Mix and match the customized pieces to create unique looks. Girls will love creating outfits that are totally their own. Plus, pink shoes adorned with bows and a silvery statement necklace put a finishing touch on any outfit. Collect other fashions (sold separately) to decorate and expand the designing fun.

The no-heat iron makes designing a snap! Simply pick your decal, position on the garment, and rub with the iron.
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What?s in the Box?

Barbie doll wearing three-piece fashion and accessories, no-heat iron, dress form, two additional tops, one additional skirt and three sticker sheets

  • Design your own printed t-shirt and other clothing with the Barbie Iron-On Style Doll!
  • Customize with a few simple steps and a few simple tools
  • Select a decal and apply it to the garment with the no-heat ?iron?
  • Choose from a variety of decals (more than 30!) and multiple fashions
  • Includes Barbie doll, fashions, decals, iron, garment board and accessories
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