Barbie Barbie I Can Be Splash and Spin Dolphin Trainer Doll

Girls can pretend to be a professional dolphin trainer with this stylish Barbie doll and accessories! Just wind her up, place her and the two attached dolphins in water, and watch them swim and spin together! Comes with all the accessories ...that a professional dolphin trainer needs including a removable clip attaches the two adult dolphins to Barbie doll. Use in the tub, pool, or other large, water-filled container.

Doll in water

Girls will love playing out all the training, twirling fun in the bathtub or pool!
Doll and hand

Wind the mechanism in her back, put them in water, and watch them spin!
Your Little Girl Can Pretend to Be a Professional Dolphin Trainer
Barbie I Can Be? dolls and accessories let girls play out different roles and "try on" fabulous careers, including professional dolphin trainer. This stylish Barbie doll doesn?t just swim with the pretty pink dolphins - she spins with them too, thanks to a special wind-up mechanism in her back. Girls will love playing out all the training, twirling fun in the bathtub or pool! Lots of inspiring playtime that girls love. Comes complete with a pail of fish, baby dolphin squirty toy, and large hoop that attaches to Barbie?s arm.

Make Waves With Lots of Exciting Spinning Action!
Barbie is ready to train her dolphin friends. Dolphin Trainer Barbie doll comes with a removable clip that fits around her waist and attaches to two large adult dolphins. Just wind the mechanism in Barbie doll?s back and place the adorable trio in the water. Watch Barbie doll ?magically? spin in the water as the dolphins spin around her - all on their own! Girls with love all the realistic play that comes with this playset!

Fabulous Fashions & Accessories Add to the Realistic Play
Barbie doll knows how to make a fashion splash! She wears a sparkly pink wetsuit and matching pink flippers, so she always looks stylish while twirling in the water! Plus, she comes with fun accessories when it?s time for training. Attach the large hoop to Barbie doll?s outstretched arm for the adult dolphins to swim through as they spin. Reward them with fish from the pail - or let them ?splash and romp? with the cute baby dolphin. For more play, the little dolphin can be filled with water and used as a squirty toy!

What's In The Box?
Barbie doll, two adult dolphins attached to the clip, one hoop, one pail, four fish, and one squirty baby dolphin.

Doll and accessories

Comes complete with all the accessories that a professional dolphin trainer needs!

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