BabyKicks BabyKicks Cloth Baby Wipes - 10 ct - Assorted

BabyKicks Baby Wipes - 10 pk BabyKicks Hemparoo Washies (Wipes) are made with the same hemp fleece as BabyKicks Prefolds and are a staple for every diaper stash. One side is soft and fluffy for gentle cleansing and the other has more textur...e for easy and thorough cleanup of the unavoidable messy diaper. These versatile wipes are also perfect for cleaning little hands and faces after dinner, in the bathtub, or even grandpas glasses and camera lenses. With their generous size and oval shape it is impossible to go wrong with BabyKicks Washies. Handmade with Certified Organic Cotton. Keep a pile of these on your changing table along with a spray bottle containing diluted Dr. Bronners for a gentle, economical cleanup. Toss into the diaper pail and wash with the diapers. ? Made in the USA and Imported ? Hemp 55%/Organic Cotton 45% Read More

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