Baby Brezza Cuddle Cradle Pink

Cuddle Cradle is a unique and innovative feeding support for babies, offering a simple solution to issues parents and caregivers face when feeding and holding baby. The ergonomically designed Cuddle Cradle is contoured to ensure proper head..., neck and spine support for your baby, without giving up having baby close to your body. The adjustable headrest allows the product to grow with your little one. During bottle feedings, baby stays upright when held in the Cuddle Cradle, reducing spit ups and aiding in digestion. The Cuddle Cradle also reduces the stress on parents' arm, neck and shoulders, from holding baby in an upright position for long periods of time. Nervous caregivers and grandparents also feel more confident holding baby in the Cuddle Cradle. Benefits for Baby: Supports baby's head, neck and spine during feeding Keeps baby in upright position during and after feeding to reduce spit ups and aid in digestion Benefits for Caregivers: Reduces arm and shoulder discomfort Increases confidence for anxious caregivers Recommended for bottle feeding babies up until five months, or 24 inches long. Read More

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