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Baby Blanket

Baby Blanket is a division of Children’s Healthcare Research Group, which has been manufacturing sunscreens for babies and children since 1999. Baby Blanket and the Children’s Healthcare Research Group have been in consultation with Dr. Rober Sayre, the co-developer of the SP... Read MoreF system, to ensure the best sun protection for babies. Baby Blanket sunscreens for babies are available in several application methods, including a stick and towelette. 

Baby Blanket is the first sun care company to develop a Tender Scalps sunscreen and a Faces sunscreen, made specifically for a baby’s delicate scalp and face. Baby Blanket sunscreens are easy to apply. The Sunscreen Towelette is perfect for a whole day in the sun. All Baby Blanket products are dermatologist- and pediatrician-tested; they are hypoallergenic, nonstinging, and water-resistant, and have an SPF of 45 or higher. 

Baby Blanket offers great gift ideas for baby showers and family vacations. The Baby Blanket Swim Gift Set includes sunscreen, sunglasses, and sandals to ensure a fun and safe time at the beach.
Baby Blanket
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