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Baby Alive

Baby Alive is a brand of doll, produced by Hasbro and available through many retailers, that is designed to be lifelike. In 1973, Kenner made the first Baby Alive doll, which ate, drank, and even went to the bathroom. The design has undergone many changes throughout the years; th... Read Moreere was even a talking Baby Alive doll. This model, however, was discontinued because it was too loud and had an adult voice. In 2006, KAMI took over Kenner and redesigned the doll. Today, there are many different types of Baby Alive dolls, but all are realistic and designed to teach kids how to be nurturing. 

The Baby Alive Yummy Treat model comes with an ice cream cone and cookies that the doll licks and eats when the treat is held up to her mouth. The Beautiful Now baby dolls have hair that can be styled, and they come with fake scissors, a comb, and barrettes so your child can style the baby's hair herself. The Baby Wana Walk doll can learn to walk with a little help. 

Baby Alive also has baby-doll accessories, such as a vanity kit that includes a hair dryer and comb as well as a doll medical kit with a stethoscope, medicines, and other medical products. 
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