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Brown ties, nickel silver rail. Custom-Line Turnouts are prototypically accurate, featuring blackened metal frogs and rivetless sw...itch points that provide superior electrical conductivity. These turnouts can be powered using an under-table switch machine or standard remote and manual code 83 switch machines. All Custom-Line Turnouts have the same geometry as the current Atlas code 100 versions, for drop-in installation in Atlas' and other layout plans. Please note that you cannot substitute a Custom-Line for a Sanp-Switch as their geometries are different. Read More

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In <i>Once Upon a Time</i>, players tell a story together using cards that show fairytale elements and endings. Now give your own ...ideas life with the <i>Create-Your-Own Storytelling Cards</i> expansion. The 38 Story Cards and 17 Ending Cards in this set all have blank faces, so players can add their own inspiration to the game. Just use permanent markers to draw your own illustrations and titles on the cards, then mix them with your copy of the <i>Once Upon a Time</i> storytelling card game to let your fancy fly free! Read More

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Sporks and weed whackers just not enough for to slake your bloodlust anymore? Looking for a little more madness in your mayhem? mix the 55 cards from <i>A Pretty Corpse</i> into your <i>Let's Kill</i> deck and add even more distinctive stick figure art and gruesome humor to your next game... because the great thing about dead bodies is that you can make your own.<p> Note: Requires that you own a copy of the Let's Kill 2nd Edition card game. Read More

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