Asmodee Tikal II Adventures of The Lost Temple Board Game

Tikal was discovered and explored during a very successful expedition led by Profs. Kramer and Kiesling. A decade later, a scroll is found, that hints of a lost temple near the first site. This rumor rekindles their passion for Tikal and th...e two scientists start to discuss the prospect of another expedition to Central America. In the midst of their planning they encounter Profs. Braff and Pauchon at an international archaeology conference in Geneva, who want to know the truth about the enticing rumor. Later that day, sitting in front of a roaring fire, after a fine meal, finished off with Cuban cigars, and a few brandies, the two Swiss scientists listen enthralled by the unfolding plans of their German colleagues. To a man they clamor their unanimous assent and it is decided to join forces and go back to Tikal. Appointments are made, patrons are found, equipment is assembled, notes are compared, and then they are off. An uneventful journey takes them to Guatemala, and then on to the old site. Not too long after, they discover that there is indeed an undisturbed temple, in an adjacent valley. As it belonged to a long-forgotten king, the temple promises many surprises and much, much gold. And so the adventure begins...Suitable for 2-4 Players, Suitable for ages 12 and older, Playing time 90 Minutes Read More

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From the sensational action video game comes the ultimate family version of Temple Run!

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Gold, Gold, Gold A Ton of Gold; this was the Seattle headline heard round the world announcing the discovery of great stores of go...ld in the Klondike- This was the beginning of an exodus of would-be prospectors dreaming of a better life; a chance to escape the toil caused by the financial recessions and bank failures of the 1890s- Gold Rush Hysteria was pulsing through the veins of the country and tens of thousands were willing to risk it all for the chance to have it all- Lost Valley is a game about the Klondike stampede that rushed North- Its about the grueling journey - traversing Steep Mountain passes with heavy loads, through severe weather, and ever-dwindling resources- During the course of the game, players must explore the ever-expanding lost valley in hopes of discovering a gold vein in a mountain, a virgin forest to provide timber or a fishing spot along the river to provide food- The map will be different each time you play, so you never know what lurks around the corner- As you set out from the outfitters with everything you own strapped to your back, you must balance carefully the resources that you need- Of course you will need tools, dynamite and timber to extract mountain gold, but youll need to make sure you have room for food, rifles and fishing poles to help you survive in the wilderness- Grab your horse, your pack, and your whiskey because The Gold Fever is Raging in the Yukon- Hordes will go, many will turn back or die, but some will achieve their wildest dreams- 2-6 players 45-90 minute playtime-- Item Weight - 3-3 lbs- SKU: ACDD9123 Read More

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Stories about General Volkare and his Lost Legion are whispered amongst the Atlanteans some in hope, all with at least a sliver of... fear. Now with word of what appears to be Volkare and his Lost Legion reappearing and yet another new Mage Knight to contend with, the scattered forces across the land are deciding which side is likely to be victorious. Are the Mage Knights the lesser of evils, or is Volkare the true savior they have been waiting for?Continuing the saga of the worldwide acclaimed hit Mage Knight Board Game, designer Vlaada Chvatil and WizKids present Mage Knight Board Game: The Lost Legion, an expansion that offers players a new Mage Knight Wolfhawk and also adds a new foe for the Mage Knights: the mysterious and powerful General Volkare! Included in the expansion set are new location tiles, enemy/ruin tokens, Unit cards, Advanced Action cards, Artifact cards, Spell cards and a rulebook expansion that features new game scenarios and rules to support play for five players.Whether you and your fellow Mage Knights decide to work together or at cross purposes this expansion supports new play styles and tactics and a new foe that can challenge even the most veteran players. Read More

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Can you grab the treasure before the skull grabs you? Make it around the island, steal the jewels from the haunted skull, and abov...e all, don't get caught in this exciting and active new family fun game.New!Exciting ActionSpooky Skull Really Jumps Out and Bites! Read More

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This official game retells the Hobbit film as players take the roles of characters from the film, to do battle, solve riddles and ...earn points along the way. Read More

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Strap on your rocket pack and get your biplane ready for flight! It's time to embark on a whirlwind scavenger hunt adventure with ...members of the famed Century Club. Every year, the greatest heroes travel the world in search of excitement and treasure, while evading and outsmarting the evil Shadow Centurions along the way. Be the first to get your passport stamped and cross the finish line in Race to Adventure! Race to Adventure! is a family-friendly pulp board game that can be played in 20 to 30 minutes. Choose from six items to help you on your journey as you race around the globe. Visit exotic locales and battle hidden villainy to be the first to return to the Empire State Building with your passport fully stamped! Where will you begin your Race? Seeking the golden eagle egg in the snowy Himalayas? Saving your friend from the dungeons of Atlantis? Each game brings a new map, new obstacles and tons of fun for family and friends! Read More

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Players work cooperatively against a common obstacle to win!

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This is by far the most mouth-watering meatcentric board game ever created! As you move your bacon character along the path throug...h Meatland you'll have to navigate your way through areas like the Mustard Marsh, the Wiener Wasteland and the Sausage Sea. The first one to make it to the frying pan at the end of the trail wins! Includes gameboard with spinner, four game pieces with plastic stands, twenty-four game cards and alternate rules that turn the game into a gluttonous meat feast! 18-1/2 x 9-1/2 x 1-3/4 (47 cm x 24.1 cm x 4.4 cm) illustrated box. Read More

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Amazing pop-up panoramasAtmospheric sounds, including a moose bellow and cuckoo callStunning artwork by Maurice PledgerRecommended... for ages 5 and upUncover the secrets lying within the forest walls in ??Sounds of the Wild: Forest?? by Maurice Pledger. This educational children??s book features amazing pop-up panoramas and realistic sounds, including the call of the cuckoo, the snarl of a cougar, and the bellow of the majestic moose. With stunning artwork by Maurice Pledger, atmospheric sounds and elaborate pop-ups, ??Sounds of the Wild: Forest?? truly brings forests around the world to life! Recommended for ages 5 and up. Imported. Read More

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Education Outdoors Camp Board Game Education Outdoors Camp Board Game is a game where both children and adults can learn fun facts... about the outdoors. This game is designed to grow with children, starting at level-one questions which are primarily identification of animals. As children increase in their knowledge about the outdoors, they grow into the higher level questions. Why You'll Love It: Education Outdoors Camp Board Game can increase children's knowledge of the animal kingdom. Age: 5 to 12 years Features Fun and educational game Family game Witty game Helps in children's educational growth Includes Game board Game cards Decoder Game characters Dice Level cards Compass card Recommended Ages:5 and up Read More

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COMMUNITY challenges players to build roads linking Home to other important locations in a community.

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Join Emmy and Max and journey to the magical world of Dragon Tales. Children take on challenges and keep on trying just as they do... on the much loved television series. The first player to complete a puzzle picture of Dragon Land wins the game. But it's not as easy as it sounds. Players must overcome obstacles and use their memory before they are able to complete their puzzle. Like all children's games from University Games, parents and children compete on the same level and learning to play takes less than five minutes. Dragon Tales, A Dragon Land Adventure Game comes with game board, four playing pieces, four 6-piece puzzles, four puzzle solution sheets, Dragon Tales spinner card, and instructions. For 2 to 4 players. Read More

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Get busy bees! In this game from the award winning design team at Peaceable Kingdom, players are in a race to collect nectar drops... and beat the bear to the hive. Roll the die, move your basket, and collect nectar. Do it fast, do it together and if you can do it before the bear gets to the hive, you all win! Game includes 1 game board, 4 nectar baskets, 24 nectar drops, 1 bear with stand and instructions for game play. Read More

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This official game retells the Hobbit film as players take the roles of characters from the film, to do battle, solve riddles and ...earn points along the way. Read More

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Awards: Parents Choice 2009 Gold Award; Dr. Toy 10 Best Games of 2009; Dr. Toy 100 Best Products of 2009 Fish Stix is a visual str...ategy game where every fish counts! Great for spatial reasoning skills. To play, players take turns matching fish on their sticks by color and direction to fish on the board. For every fish matched, a player scores points on her scoreboard. The first player to get 10 points for each type of fish wins! Simple enough for the youngest players, but strategic enough for adults to enjoy too. Game plays in 20-30 minutes and no reading is required. 2-4 players. Read More

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Pop the cork off any gathering with WINEOPOLY! Players buy favorite wines, collect bunches of grapes and trade them in for Sounds easy enough but add Import Taxes and serving faux pas and it becomes a little more difficult and a lot more fun! Read More

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VIRGINIA O Hill, Beta Bridge and the Rotunda are up for sale! UVA OPOLY allows players to buy, sell and trade the University of Vi...rginia. Did you ever dream of owning Mad Bowl, Edgar Allan Poes Room or 7 Society Choose your token and advance to Register and Proceed. You may soon be hanging out on Rugby Roador you may be sent home on Academic Probation! Read More

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Welcome to AMBIGUITY, the head-spinning letter-turning word game! Roll the eight letter dice into the tray and turn over the two-m...inute timer. Now the fun begins because the letters on these dice are ambiguous and represent several different letters depending on how you turn your head to view them. Quickly study the face-up letters without moving them and write down as many words as you can spell. Players earn points for word length. The first player to score 100 points wins! So what are you waiting for? Get ready for some head-spinning fun! Read More

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The Wooden Scrabble Luxury Edition test your vocabulary under generous circumstances! Have a war of words with this exceptional ed...ition of Scrabble that's noted for its high class design and exclusive appearance. Within the walnut veneer case and two-toned wooden cabinet sits the famous Scrabble board, but this one is special. This wooden Scrabble game board rotates, and boasts a faux-leather playing area along with a raised grid and gold-foil detail. Ivory tiles and gold-plated tile racks signal a level of sophistication never-before-seen in board games. To top it off, the built-in storage drawer slides out easy to hold the game pieces, timer, and scorebook. Battle it out under the conditions of elegance and see how much of a wordsmith you truly are! This luxury Scrabble game is a must-have showcase piece for a Scrabble lover's home. Recommended for ages 8 and up. Dimensions: 18.00 L x 18.00 W x 4.00 H Weight: 13.00 lbs. Read More

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Weird Games USA Have you ever wondered where the Weirdos gather? Welcome to Weird US, where colorful characters like Melon Head, S...kunk Ape, La Llorona and Bunnyman journey to not so far off places like Crybaby Bridge and the Land of 2093 Milk Jugs in their attempts to collect travelers and be the last Weirdo standing. It is based on the stories from Weird U.S. by Mark Moran and Mark Sceurman. The game includes 9 weird sound effects. It is an entertaining way to experience US myths and small town facts.Product Dimensions: 12 (L) x 11.5 (W) x 22.8 (H)Age: 12 years and up Read More

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