Asmodee Noah Card Game

ASMNOA01 Noah Game

By Asmodee Editions

The box contains:
1 tray
1 Noah token
5 scoring tokens
55 cards
A rulebook

Players: 2 - 5
Playing Time: 30 minutes
Ages: 8 and Up...r />
It is the great flood. Assemble a variety of species on board small boats to transport them to the Ark, as they are being awaited before casting off. But beware. The ships can accommodate only a limited number of animals before capsizing. It will also take into account the sex of your animals, because a boat will be counting only species of the same sex, or pairs of animals (equal male or female).
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The sequel to end all sequels! We Didn't Playtest This Either brings a full new deck of cards, crazy and amazing in all ways, just... like the original. This can be played as a standalone game, or you can shuffle it and combine it with the original, for complete and total insanity :D Voting, Bananas, and the ominous Shark are just some of the many excellent cards. Read More

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ASN0016 We Didn't Playtest This: Legacies Card Game By Asmadi GamesPlayers: 2-15Playing Time: 10 minutesAges: 12 and upYou may be ...familiar with our very silly card game We Didnt Playtest This at All. It is silly, quick, and fun. We have an interesting idea on how to expand it: designing a version of Playtest that benefits from you writing on the cards!What is new about Legacies cards (compared to original We Didnt Playtest This at All cards) is they contain a slot for Owner and a picture. When you win a game of Playtest: Legacies, you claim ownership of the last card you played, by writing your name in the Owner box. FOREVER. If you own a card, you ignore it if it ever tells you that you lose.Playtest: Legacies will be a full stand-alone game (60 cards plus mystery packs).FeaturesThis is a standalone gameFor 2-15 playersFast to play with tons of replay value Read More

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Do you know if the can opener was invented before or after the light bulb In Timeline Inventions, this is exactly the type of ques...tion you will ask yourself each time you try to play one of your cards. The object of the game is to be the first player to play all of your cards correctly. Each game contains 109 small invention-themed cards, which can be mixed with other themes in the Timeline series (each sold separately). By mixing two boxes of Timeline cards with different themes, you can increase the possibilities and make the game even wilder! Timeline Inventions is designed for 2-8 people ages 8 and up. The average playing time is 15 minutes. Read More

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Play cards to control a majority and hold sway over the factions of Koryo. Short-term decisions mean long-term gain in this fast a...nd exciting card game of politics and betrayal. Players will play cards to maintain majorities of specific factions and in so doing gain the powers provided by their followers. Control the bankers to grab influence now, or take over the guardians to protect yourself from the barbarians. Every decision is tricky, as you jockey to maintain majorities and hold the most power. CONTENTS 45 character cards, 10 event cards, 8 season cards, 8 victory-point tokens, 1 first-player token and 1 rule book. Read More

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By Asmodee Editions<br /><br />Players: 2 to 4<br />Playing Time: 45 minutes<br />Ages: 8 and up<br /><br />The war drums are anew in this Second Edition of the GOSU card game, in which players will face-off against each other by raising an army of Goblins, with new rules, new powers, and text-free cards with a new streamlined design.<br /><br />The game contains 85 cards, including 75 Goblin cards, 9 Victory Point cards and 1 Advantage card, and 1 rulebook.<br /><br />A new edition without text on the cards to allow players to pick up the game immediately! Gorgeous artwork which makes you feel as though you were in the midst of fierce Goblin battles. A combo-based game that will appeal to Magic players. Read More

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Enchanted Kingdom - the first expansion pack for Seasons - features 40 new Power cards compatible with the 100 cards from the base... game, 10 Enchantment cards to make every game an even more unique experience and 12 Special Ability tokens that add a personal touch to your sorcerer. Read More

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- Dixit Jinx<br /> - Saurez vous retrouvez avant les autres la carte correspondant à l'indice du joueur actif ? 

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The Art of Trading in the New World! It is the sixteenth century. You are a powerful merchant in search of riches from the recentl...y discovered New World (Mundus Novus). To transport gold and precious commodities (cocoa, corn, vanilla ...), you and your fellow conquistadores will charter fleets of caravels, seek the support of famous backers, build warehouses and buy goods. Expand your business empire and make a fortune! Created by Bruno Cathala and Serge Laget, Mundus Novus offers an immersive voyage exploring tactics and trade at the dawn of a New America. Features: An immersive, tactical game. Three ways to win. Endless replayability. Read More

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By Asmodee Editions<br /><br />Players: 2 to 10<br />Playing Time: 15 minutes<br />Ages: 7 and up<br /><br />Contents: 80 cards, 1... totem, 1 Raving Rabbids figurine, 1 cloth bag with rabbit ears and 1 rule booklet.<br /><br />Discover dozens of trap cards bearing the image of the most moronic Rabbids in Creation and three special cards which are stark Raving mad! Read More

Wonder Forge
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<p><b>Wonder Forge I Can Do That Games: Dr. Seuss Cat in the Hat Card Game</b></p><p>Confidence-building fun now comes in a card g...ame. Join the Cat in the Hat in an activity-filled card game and discover all the new things you can do. Flip over three cards to create a new challenge. Can you crab walk to the bedroom with the fish under your chin? Can you dance around a chair with the fish between your knees? There are hundreds of hilarious possibilities and every game is belly laughing fun. It encourages self-confidence and self-esteem, promotes early reading skills and gets kids up and on their feet for full-body active fun. It comes with 45 cards, 1 foam fishbowl and 1 Rules Card. It is for 2 to 4 players.</p><ul><li>Product Dimensions: 5.7 (L) x 0.8 (W) x 3.5 (H)</li><li>Age: 3 years and up</li></ul><br><BR>Recommended Ages:3 ? 15 Read More

Blue Orange Games
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Tap into your primitive side with Ooga Booga, a hilarious memory game. Each playing card has either an ancient word or wild gestur...e with a cave illustration as a visual cue. Players take turns reciting a chant of nonsense syllables and actions that grows as each player reveals a new card. Players who hesitate or misremember are accused by the clan and have to pick up more cards and start a new sequence until someone runs out of cards. Each success ends with a challenge for the next player. The strongest memory will determine the new clan chief! Ooga Booga will have you tongue-tangled and laughing yourselves silly as you grunt like cavemen. Includes 50 cards in a tin canister. Read More

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Manipulate and press the Wikki Stix(R) to fit the alphabet letter outlines on 27 cards (7 Sq.) using 36 six inch Wikki Stix(R) in ...9 bright colors. Ages 3 yrs. +." Read More

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CRAYOLA-Dry-Erase Learning Flash Cards: Shapes. These silly monsters make learning Shapes fun! From circles to octagons; your chil...d will practice identifying and drawing shapes and having a great time completing the monster Dot-to-Dots; mazes and more! The 32 dry-erase cards will provide countless hours of monstrous fun! This package contains thirty-two 6-3/4x4-3/4 inch dry-erase learning cards. Recommended for Grade Pre-K. Dry-erase markers not included. WARNING: CHOKING HAZARD: Small parts. Not for children under 3 years. Imported. Read More

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Learning to write numbers is fun and easy with the Crayola Number Flash Cards manufactured by Bendon Publishing. Children will enj...oy counting their way from 1 to 20, with robots, fish, flowers and more. The write on/wipe off flash cards and dry-erase marker make practicing easy. The set comes with 26 double-sided flash cards, a Crayola dry-erase marker and a wipe-off eraser. It's all packed inside a handy plastic storage case. Suitable for ages 4 and up. Bendon Publishing International provides entertaining, high quality books and activities for children. Read More

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52243 Features: -Officially poker sized.-100pct Officially licensed. Includes: -Includes 52 different images. Color/Finish: -Linen... type finish. Dimensions: -Dimensions: 3.56" H x 2.56" W x 0.75" D.-Weight: 0.22 lb. Read More

Steve Jackson Games
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Munchkin 8: Half Horse, Will Travel is a 112-card expansion for Munchkin that adds two new races to the game: Centaur and Lizard A myriad other new cards are included, such as race/class enhancers (Elite, Legendary, and Elder) and monsters (Gecko On The Telly, Centaurpede, and the Knight Mare). Read More

Kids Preferred
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<p>amazing baby toys are based on the amazing baby book series. They are uniquely created and based on accepted research of how ba...bies develop within the first two years of life, and most importantly they are fun! Your baby will learn all the most famous nursery rhymes with these great flash cards. Each card is also textured with either a soft or glitter effect for even more fun!</p> Read More

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<P>Decorate your home or office with high quality wall décor. Rush Playing Card Tin Set Playing Cards is that perfect piece that m...atches your style, interests, and budget. Read More

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