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The Israeli company Amav is one of the leading manufacturers of arts and crafts, offering items such as art easels, play kitchens, and battery-operated cars and jeeps. Amav also makes chests, activity boxes, blocks, paints, beads, and more. Popular products include Amav Toys ... Read More Mythical Horses, which features two fantastical creatures -- a winged Pegasus and a unicorn -- ready to paint with acrylics, for a fun and easy afternoon craft. Amav's Glitter Domes are snow globe--inspired underwater seascapes that come to life with precut foam and glitter: Simply fill with water, shake, and watch as the sea sparkles. Additional Amav favorites include the Hi-Lite Easel with an illuminated LED neon light-up drawing board; the Clay Creatures Kit, which has 12 colors of molding clay and accessories; and the Quilt Craft Kit, which features precut cotton squares, batting, needle and thread, and other accessories.
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Amav Ltd.
+972-8-856 6101
29 Haroshet St. 
P.O. Box 12066
Ashdod 77000 Israel
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