Align Align T-Rex 600EFL Pro Super Combo Flybarless Kit with Motor, ESC, Servos, Gyro

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Align Gp790 Head Lock Gyro Features: Brand new intelligent control logic providing dynamic gain adjustment by detecting current fl...ying conditions allowing for consistent pirouetting rates during chaos or other demanding 3D maneuvers. Utilizes feed forward control logic to boost rudder starting speed and increase response sensitivity. Utilizes Silicon Micro Machines (SMM) sensor with excellent stability to dramatically reduce in-flight tail drifts. Utilizes AHTCS (Active Helicopter Tail Control System) to compensate any drift caused by wind direction and force as well as unintended yaw induced by helicopter itself during flight maneuvers. Tailor made specifically for use with high speed digital rudder servos. This gyro festures high sensitivity and minimal reaction time fully utilizing the potential of modern high speed digital rudder servos. Features 1520?s pulse wide and 760?s narrow pulse wide frame rate. Digital/Analog servo switchable. Reverse switch. Rudder servo travel limit adjustment (ATV). Delay adjustment. Gyro locking mode and gain can be adjusted remotely from the transmitter. Mini/Micro heli mode suitable for T-REX250/450(?STATUS? Red); Medium/large heli mode suitable for T-REX500/600/700(?STATUS" Green) There are 3 kinds of 760?s narrow pulse wide servos on the market including Futaba S9251 S9256 BLS251. Read More

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<p> Instruction: <br /> Follow by 700 DFC/600 DFC's design, the 450 DFC flybarless rotor head system utilizes extreme low CG desig...n, effectively reduces resistance during flight, increased flight responsiveness and precision, resulting in superior 3D performance and unimaginable flight speed with extremely attractive design. <br /> <br /> <br /> Features: <br /> Extreme low CG and short main shaft design, dramatically reduces flight resistance, effectively improves T-Rex 450?s 3D performance and speed. <br /> New style linkage rod design, complete assembly increases linkage rod rigidity, allowing the pitch slider (follower) to be omitted, resulting in a head assembly that is much simplified and rigid. <br /> Upgrading to the 450DFC rotor head assembly is extremely easy; just replace the head block included in the 450DFC kit, connect the 450DFC linkage assembly, and replace the main shaft with 450DFC main shaft. Existing swashplate is kept in the upgrade. <br /> The damper rubbers are manufactured utilizing POM material, sleek surface, with superior anti-wear characteristic. <br /> Suitable for T-REX 450 PRO/SPORT V2 flybarless system. </p> <p> Product Note: Swashplate is NOT included with this package. H45188 is recommended for use with this upgrade. <br /> </p> <p> Specifications:<br /> </p> <p> 450DFC Main Rotor Head Assembly x 1<br /> 450DFC Main Blade Grip x 2<br /> 84ZZ Bearing x 4<br /> 450DFC Damper rubber x 2 (POM ?4x?6.5x3.8mm)<br /> Spacer × 2 <br /> Socket collar screw(M2x12mm) x 1<br /> M2 Nut × 1<br /> M2 collar screw(M2x15mm) x 2<br /> 450DFC Main rotor grip arm integrated control link x 2<br /> 450DFC Main rotor grip linkage bearing sleeve x 2<br /> 681ZZ-d2 Bearing(?2x4.5x2mm) x 4<br /> 450DFC Linkage rod A x 2<br /> Ball link × 2<br /> 450DFC Main Shaft x 1<br /> Socket collar screw × 2(M3x16mm)<br /> M3 Nut × 2(M3)<br /> Washer × 2(?2x?3.6x0.2mm) </p> Read More

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This is the Align 11.1V 2200mAh/30C 3S Li-Polymer Battery. Features: This Li-poly battery features high efficient and high Suitable for T-Rex 450 series and other professional model airplanes and/or cars Note: When using high energy Li-poly Battery please do not over-discharge over-charge batteries or result over-high temperature. Discharging capacity can't exceed 80% of the max capacity after full charging to ensure a good cycle performance. Recommend to full charge a brand new battery before using and only discharge the battery 50% for first 5 times to make a good efficiency of the battery. Please make it a habit to always count time for flight or please set a low voltage protection on ESC (Cell voltage after stopping using can not lower than 3.2V). Do not use the battery at insufficient of voltage. Do not expose batteries to sunshine or store/charge batteries at the temperature up to 35C in an airtight car. The environment high temperature could cause the damage or the danger of burst. If the battery becomes hot while high current discharging or flying please do not charge the battery immediately. Wait to cool down (about 20 mins) then inspect to recharge. If against follow the original factory using rules possibly cause the battery to inflate or any dangerous accident happens. Do not leave the charger is operating unattended as it may cause a fire. Read More

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During the Second World War, the development of heavy tanks continued at a fevered pitch. To deploy these tanks to the front line,... or retrieve them when damaged or broken, the necessity of a large-scale transport vehicle was heightened. In April of 1943, the U.S. started production of "The Dragon Wagon", one of the biggest tank transport vehicles of WWII. Constructed around an armored cabin and a sturdy trailer, it boasted a loading capacity of 40 tons. Also assisting in the transport of boats for river crossing operations, the Dragon Wagon was a great advantage to the advancement of the Allied Forces. Read More

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Avro Lancaster B Mk.I Grand Slam Bomber/Avro Lancaster B Mk.III Dambuster. British 4-engine WWII era heavy bomber buildable as a '...Type 464 Provision' dambuster or Grand Slam earthquake bomber variant. Kit features detailed exterior with fine raised panel lines and rivets, interior detail (including cockpit and radio/navigation station), special weapons modified lower fuselage fairings (2 types with choice of 'Upkeep' bouncing bomb or 22,000 lb. Grand Slam bomb), dorsal turret plate, optional nose turret fairing, detailed wheel wells, wheels with weighted tires, optional engines with mounts (x2, in lieu of closed cowlings), optional position landing gear and bomb bay doors and 5 figures (pilot, bombardier, radioman and tail gunner - all posed at their stations plus standing mechanic). Also includes pre-painted canopy frames and your choice of shrouded or exposed exhausts and early or late style propellers. Decals and painting guide for 3 Royal Air Force aircraft: Mk.III ED932 of No 617 Squadron; Mk.III ED915 of No 617 Squadron and Mk.I PD119 of No 617 Squadron, April 1945 - includes instrument panel, radio faces, wing walkway borders and stencil data. Read More

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Modern USAF fighter. Kit features engraved panel lines, detailed cockpit, seated pilot, optional position speed brake, detailed la...nding gear, rubber tires, optional position canopy, opening nose cone and external stores ((x4) AIM-7F Sparrow rockets, (x4) AIM-9L Sidewinder rockets, 20mm M61A-1 Vulcan Cannon). Also includes: Tactical Electronic Warfare System, AN/APG-70 radar. Decals and painting guide for 3 aircraft: 3rd Wing Commander's Aircraft, Alaska; 18th Wing Commander's Aircraft and 44th Fighter Squadron No.544 Aircraft, Kadena Base. Read More

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Special Edition Imperial Japanese Navy, long range, aircraft-carrying, 'super submarine' model kit. Features optional full or wate...rline hull, hangar hatch buildable in open or closed position, Seiran aircraft can be built in flying or stowed configurations, deck crane can be displayed in erect or stowed positions, includes photo-etch parts (railings, hangar hatch details, crane arm, antenna array, aircraft propellers and dollies), guide stickers to aid photo-etch installation, metal screw shafts and plastic display base. Special edition features: 48 injection-molded crew figures in 6 poses; 4 metal type 95 torpedoes; transparent superstructure parts allowing view inside the hangar and 6 clear-molded Seiran aircraft. Also includes decals for vessel and aircraft (including canopy panels) plus printed paper flag sheet. Read More

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Fun LaQ pieces in only seven shapes to build anything you can imagine! Instructions to build 3-D models come with the set.

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EMD introduced the GP15-1 in 1975 as a replacement for aging GP7s and GP9s still serving in switching, transfer and wayfreight ser...vice. Offering 1500 horsepower, the new design was better suited to the bigger and heavier cars then entering service, while the low nose improved forward visibility for added safety. As an added incentive, EMD required customers to provide a trade-in unit, which supplied traction motors, trucks and main generators, reducing the purchase price. Outwardly, GP15-1s looked like 35 Series engines, with a road-style cab and short nose. The most distinguishing feature was the single 48" fan and tunnel motor air intake for the radiators. Later versions included the GP15-1AC, equipped with an alternator instead of a generator and the GP15T, which added a turbocharger to the AC model. Nearly 370 of the three styles were built for US railroads between 1976 and 1983, and many are still going strong today. - Read More

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