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Founded in northern Italy in 1921, Alessi is an Italian design house that aims to manufacture products that are both beautiful and functional. Alessi USA, established in 1999, has five flagship stores across America. From bar goods and electrical appliances to kitchen gear and ho ... Read More usehold knickknacks, Alessi's whimsical products will brighten up any home. The Rondo Toothpaste Cap is a quirky toothpaste cap perfect for kids; simply swap out the old one for this cute red character. Another bathroom buddy for children is Otto Floss Holder in blue -- Otto makes flossing fun by dispensing floss from his mouth. Mr. Cold Soap Dispenser, in yellow, hilariously spurts soap through his ballooned nose. The smiling faces of the Sden Set of Two Toothbrush Covers will fit any toothbrush head. More parents' favorites include the Goldfish Egg Cup, which is made from fine bone china and features a beautiful rainbow of purple and pink scales; the Fly Drawing Pins (or tacks), by Donata Paruccini; and Agli Ordini Children's Flatware Set, by Massimo Giacon.
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