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In 2008, AccuCut created AccuQuilt, a company that offers quilting products and services for all levels of quilters, from beginners to those who have been quilting for years. Through a variety of resources -- including quilting events, online tutorials, and social media -- AccuQu ... Read More ilt shares quilting knowledge and also offers virtually every quilting product one might need to make any kind of quilt. Quilters give GO! Fabric Cutter and GO! Baby Fabric Cutters high marks for their accuracy, speed, and ease of use. The GO! fabric-cutting system cuts fabric up to 90 percent faster than scissors do -- you can cut an entire quilt within minutes. The system is also portable, perfect for trips or carrying to quilting classes and quilting events. GO! also makes cutting mats, dies, storage solutions, and other quilting tools that make the craft approachable and fun.
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