A.R.T. The Art of Science Advanced Trivia Game

The most advanced trivia game ever. Geeks love trivia. It sometimes feels like currency with which we buy respect. But think about all the trivia games out there - most are in really silly and/or dumb categories. The time has come to take a... stand. To say we don't want to answer questions in sports all the time to get our orange wedge so we can win. We want to answer hard questions in mathematics and the sciences. We hear you, and that's why we give youThe Art of Science Advanced Trivia Game. The Art of Science Advanced Trivia Game is the coolest and hardest trivia game we've ever found. It's got real categories (mathematics, biology, physics, chemistry, technology, and a miscellaneous (for extra fun)) and a twist. See, you start by ranking your categories. If you're a biologist, say, you'll put biology on top - meaning you get to answer more biology questions to win. Your mathematician opponent would do the same for the mathematics category. This puts all experts on an equal playing field, each battling with weapons of their own specialty. The Art of Science Advanced Trivia Game - it's time for a brain fight! The Art of Science Advanced Trivia Game The hardest trivia game we've even played. Rank the categories to get more points for what you know more about. So, a mathematician will get more points for math questions and a biologist will get more points for biology questions. This puts different experts on a level playing field! Includes: Game board, 330 question cards, 2 card holders, 1 notebook (80 score cards), 6 wooden game pieces, 1 die, and instructions/rule booklet. Game Board Dimensions: approx. 19.6" square. Read More

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