505 Games Sniper Elite III: Afrika - PlayStation 3

Journey to North Africa during WWII as American OSS agent, Karl Fairburne, whose assignment is to assist the intelligence efforts of the Allied forces and provide valuable sharpshooter skills amidst the exotic, rugged terrain Experience a d...iverse range of environments, including mountain ranges, sprawling plains, bustling cities and remote villages, where nonlinear routes allow you to enjoy visual stimulation and gameplay variation Search the numerous environments to create and discover opportunities that best accommodate your needs and personal sniping style with new relocation features, such as nests, ambush locations, alternative approaches, sound masking and trap setup Target Afrika Korps' armored cars, Panzer tanks and other vehicles with the new vehicle kill-cam, which allows you to take out entire crews and wreak massive destruction by blowing up vehicles' gas tanks with just one shot Work your way up the sniper ranks in both single and multiplayer modes to unlock more than 40 new customization parts, so you can build the ultimate rifle and enhance your character Grab a buddy in multiplayer co-op mode and choose from Story Campaign, Overwatch and an all-new Survival mission, where you and your friend will have to work together to complete different missions Engage in competitive multiplayer combat within one of five modes ? Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, Distance King, Team Distance King and No Cross Clearly pick up on clues for engagement and detection thanks to the rebuilt Afrika Korps AI system, which emphasizes squad roles and tactics Appreciate true-to-life graphic detail, such as the circulatory system and muscle layers, with the well-loved X-ray kill-cam Receive detailed feedback, so you can decide how best to deal with both long-range and short-range combat opportunities and eliminate enemies without being seen using improved stealth melee combat options Read More

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