The Ultimate Guide to the Grocery Store

We cut through the chaos and tell you what you should buy -- and where you can save your money.

In the Produce Section, Look For


Jonny Valiant

  • Conventional fruits and vegetables that harbor the fewest pesticide residues (see "Clean 15," below).
  • Organic versions of fruits and vegetables that traditionally have the most pesticide residues (see "Dirty Dozen," below).
  • Produce grown in the U.S.


Generally low in pesticide residues:

1 Onions
2 Corn
3 Pineapples
4 Avocados
5 Asparagus
6 Sweet peas
7 Mangoes
8 Eggplant
9 Domestic cantaloupe
10 Kiwi
11 Cabbage
12 Watermelon
13 Sweet potatoes
14 Grapefruit
15 Mushrooms


Consider buying organic:

1 Apples
2 Celery
3 Strawberries
4 Peaches
5 Spinach
6 Imported nectarines
7 Imported grapes
8 Sweet bell peppers
9 Potatoes
10 Blueberries
11 Lettuce
12 Kale/collard greens


Buy produce in bulk when it's in season or on sale and freeze it. After washing, submerge small amounts of veggies in boiling water for a minute; cool in ice water. Drain, then pack in a freezer container. Wash berries and lay in a single layer on a baking tray and freeze; place in an airtight container.

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