Tools to Organize Your Pantry

Take back your cabinets with these chaos-conquering products.

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Peter Ardito

Create Easy Access

Adjustable shelves make this tiered turntable perfect storage for baby (and big-kid) food. ($20;

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Peter Ardito

Top It Off

The Copco Wide Bag Cap turns plastic food bags into resealable containers for kids' snacks. ($7;

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Sort Spices

The Vinea Spice Stepper raises jars to make selecting seasonings simple. ($16.50;

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Trap Freshness

Put Chef'n's magnetic chip clips to work on your snack bags. ($11 for four;

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Peter Ardito

Install a Shelf

Maximize storage space with the easy-to-assemble, nonslip Linus rectangular pantry shelf. ($18;

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Peter Ardito

Clear the Counter

Place cooking utensils in the multi-opening Tubby organizer -- not the cluttered junk drawer. ($21;

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Peter Ardito

Preserve Bread

Avoid a squished or stale loaf by tucking it in the Buddeez Bread Buddy. ($4.50;

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Peter Ardito

Stop Spills

Bag Stands prevent bagged food from tipping over and getting crushed. ($9 for six;

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Make a List

Conceal your grocery list inside your pantry with this slim magnetic dry erase board. ($10,

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Steady Bottles

This simply designed tool keeps your bottles or cans from rolling around your pantry or fridge. ($9.50,

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Open Wide

Two clamp-like arms allow this collapsible device to hold bags open so you can scoop in leftovers and still have an extra hand to use around the kitchen. Plus, you can hang a plastic baggie on each arm to dry. ($4;

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Perfect Pour

The BPA-free box topper lid helps keep contents fresh and makes it super easy for kids to pour their own cereal or snacks. ($3,

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Store Supplies

Place this colorful organizer on your kitchen counter to sort frequently-used supplies like scissors, pencils, and more. ($25,

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Contain Clutter

Hang this holder on the back of your cabinet to create a place to pack away those pesky plastic grocery bags after a shopping trip. ($11,

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