How-To Help

Learn time-saving techniques and tips for cooking and entertaining.

The Ultimate Guide to the Grocery Store

We cut through the chaos and tell you what you should buy--and where you can save your money.

Make-Ahead Meals For Easy Family Dinners

The key to making weeknight dinners a breeze is finding recipes that allow you to prep components in advance. Taking an hour on Sunday to tackle some preliminary chopping and cooking will save you precious time during the week.

The Best Way to Cut Cauliflower

One simple hack will change how you chop cauliflower.

How to Cut a Bell Pepper

Peppers are nutritious and delicious, but dealing with those pesky seeds can be a pain. With this easy-peasy method, you'll be chopping peppers like a pro.

Master the Grill

Think beyond hotdogs and hamburgers -- get grilling with these easy tips and creative recipes.

How to Cut an Avocado

Whether you want one for toast, guacamole, or a smoothie, here's the best way to get into an avocado.

Two Easy Ways to Cut a Mango

Save cash by skipping pre-chopped mango and cutting your own.

Easy as Cake!

Our simple guide will help you rise to the occasion and create bakery-worthy desserts you can be proud of.

Ice Cream Sandwich Cake

See how to turn store-bought ice cream sandwiches into one impressive (and easy!) dessert.

How to Win at Grocery Shopping With Kids

Do you dread grocery shopping with your kids? Learn how to make the trip go more smoothly with these expert tips, from parking your car close to the shopping carts to setting up expectations in advance.

How to Shop Healthier at the Grocery Store

Feeding your family healthy meals starts at the grocery store. Learn how to improve the quality of your cart with these expert tips, from taking advantage of in-store dietitian services to shopping the perimeter of the store.

Quick Cake Decorating Techniques: How-To Video

Parents' food editor Erica Clark demonstrates three easy ways to decorate birthday cakes.

10 Easy Ways to Cut Food Waste

Did you know the average American family throws away $1,400 worth of food a year? Crazy! Learn how to reduce food waste in your home (and save money on groceries!), from planning your meals to freezing leftovers.

Refreshing Greek Watermelon Salad

See how to make this refreshing Greek salad with watermelon and feta. Enjoy it as a light meal or as a starter for a summer cookout.

How to Make a California Roll

Watch FamilyFun editor Joy Howard as she demonstrates how to make a California Roll.

5 Creative Hot Dog Toppings

In a summer cookout rut? Put aside that ketchup, mustard, and relish and try your hot dogs topped with these 5 clever combos!

How to Save Money at the Grocery Store with Coupons

Don't toss those coupons and circularsthey can help save you hundreds or thousands of dollars a year! Learn how to coupon like a pro (and save money on groceries!) with these expert tips.

Battering & Breading Basics

Learn how to get the crispy texture kids love through baking and avoid all the fat of frying.

Is This Food Done Yet?

Follow these tips for determining doneness in 17 popular (and often incorrectly cooked) foods.

How to Cut a Pineapple

See how to cut a pineapple (and get the most out of this flavorful fruit) in a few easy steps. Trust us, it's easier than it looks!

Fruit Nachos

Watch FamilyFun's Joy Howard prepare Fruit Nachos, as featured in the September 2012 issue of FamilyFun magazine.

How to Decorate a Cake: Frosting Swirls & Decorative Edges

Learn to make bakery-worthy cakes. Watch as Parents contributor Jenna Helwig shows you how to create frosting swirls and decorative edges.

Classic Guacamole

See how to make this classic (and easy!) guacamole. All you'll need is red onion, garlic, jalapeno, avocado, lime juice, salt, and cilantro!

Mango Vanilla Slushy

See how to make this refreshing mango vanilla slushy. Kids can enjoy it virgin, but grown-ups may want to add a splash of rum or tequila.

How to Cut Up an Onion

Simplify slicing and dicing with these time-saving tips.

How to Decorate a Cake: Prep Your Cake For Decorating

Watch as Parents contributor Jenna Helwig shows you how to prep your cake for decorating. Learn to level your layers and put on a crumb coat.