Delicious Drinks: Caffeine-Free Recipes

Achieving a goal like cutting down on caffeine is often as easy as being aware of your habits. Do you automatically get a double latte at the coffee shop? Do you grab a soda in the afternoon when you're feeling tired? Staying mindful of your routines and having good, caffeine-free options available is a great first step.

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Tina Rupp


This classic recipe is simple, inexpensive and a treat the whole family will love.

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Alexandra Grablewski

Cherry Limeade

Seltzer and sparkling water are healthy and delicious alternatives to soda. Once you've got the basics for this recipe, there are endless tasty variations to try!

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Pineapple Lemonade

Filled with fresh fruit and juice, this riff on a classic will easily become a family favorite. You'll be so pleased with the mix of flavors in this drink, we promise you'll be hooked.

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Monica Buck

Real Strawberry Milk

Simple and delicious, this healthy drink uses only low-fat milk and fresh strawberries. Serving this perennial kid fave is a great way to get your little ones to drink their milk.

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Monica Buck

Orange Freeze

Doubling as a tasty and healthy dessert, this beverage conveniently includes frozen orange juice concentrate. Plus, check out the recipe for an impressive and fun presentation!

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