Veggie Recipes Your Kid Will Eat

Camouflaged cauliflower. Onions incognito. Secret squash. Has hiding veggies become a nutritionist-approved option for picky eaters? Experts face off -- armed with recipes and clever ideas

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Kang Kim

Pasta Bake

When all the ingredients for this meal are mixed together, the pureed veggies are undetectable. "The kids liked this the best of all the entr?es we tested," says Dr. Rolls. "They told us it tasted like pizza."

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Kang Kim

Snack-Cake Squares

"Vegetables make baked goods moist and delicious," says Dr. Rolls. "The kids actually preferred this version of the recipe to one that contained half the amount of zucchini."

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Kang Kim

Mini Meatballs

Shhh! Mushrooms and onions help keep the lean meat moist, and kick in a serving of veggies per three-meatball portion.

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Kang Kim

Berry-Good Peas

Your kid likes juicy blueberries, right? "When you pair a veggie with one of your child's favorite fruits, she'll be more likely to eat both," says Dr. Wansink.

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Kang Kim

Kooky Kale Chips & Dip

This vitamin-packed leafy green can be a tough sell for children, so you'll want to win them over with two strategies: Turn kale into a food nearly all kids love (chips) and then up the ante with a dip. One recent study at Temple University found that 3- to 5-year-olds chowed down about 80 percent more veggies when they had something to dunk them in.

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Kang Kim

Orange You Happy Carrots

A little bit of sugar (well, in this case OJ and honey) helps the carrots go down.

Originally published in the May 2012 issue of Parents magazine.

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