Savory Holiday Snacks for Kids

Celebrate the season with these fun, easy-to-make snacks and treats!

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Cheeseball Party Pops

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Photograph by Raymond Hom

Holiday Party Cheeseball Pops

Flavored with sweet cranberries and toasted pecans, this twist on classic cheese balls is a hit with guests of all ages.

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Photograph by Aaron Dyer

Bagel Buddy

Tempt a picky eater with our happy-face veggie bagel. Spread one half of a plain bagel with cream cheese. Trim a piece of the other half into a hat as shown and press it in place. Use broccoli florets to embellish the hat. Press black olives and grape tomato halves in place for the eyes and cheeks. Finish with a chive or scallion mouth and a bell pepper scarf.

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How To Make Leaf Chips

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Photograph by Carl Tremblay

Sesame Herb Crackers

Put the kids in charge of holiday party snacks with this surprisingly simple recipe.

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Photograph by Mark Mantegna

A Healthy Gingerbread House

Give your traditional gingerbread house an extreme makeover by swapping the candy for more wholesome ingredients. To make the house, trim graham cracker walls and a roof with a serrated knife, then join them with peanut butter. (To pipe it, spoon several tablespoons of peanut butter into a plastic bag and snip off a corner.) Decorate the house with healthy snacks, such as cereal, nuts, and dried fruit, attached with more peanut butter. Can't use nut products? Substitute cream cheese for a binder.

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Kids' Favorite Snacks

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