Nutrition: Should Families Eat Organic?

Is it healthier to eat organic foods or just trendy? We serve up the facts.

Going Green

"When my oldest daughter started solids, I was crazy about scouring grocery stores for organic produce to make her food," says Kate Clow, of Summit, New Jersey. She did the same for her second child too. In fact, Clow shopped at four supermarkets to give her kids what she thought was best. Now that the girls are a little older, Clow makes some exceptions -- for instance, when she's darting to the nearest store for produce, she'll take what's available.

The Clows are one of many American families going green. Although organic food sales make up just 2.5 percent of the retail food market, they're rising by about 20 percent each year. Why? According to a Whole Foods Market survey, 70 percent of consumers buy organic to avoid pesticides; another 67 percent do so to promote good health. Yet questions remain: Are organic foods indeed safer and more nutritious?

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