How Kids Can Help with Lunch

Get the kids involved with making their lunch -- you'll save time and teach them important skills.

Why Kids Should Help Pack Lunch

Back-to-school time is exciting, but it's also pretty stressful for the whole family. Even if you have a routine, the morning rush can still create chaos. To save some morning minutes and teach your child about making healthy choices, help her pack a school lunch ahead of time. Preschoolers age 4 and up are ready to choose their meals, which nurtures a child's growing sense of independence -- and cuts down on uneaten lunches. Explain all of the components she needs -- main dish, fruit, and veggies -- and then let her fill up a container with grapes while you make a PB&J, for example. Grade-schoolers can learn how to prepare their own simple main dishes and sides: Just check to make sure she's chosen a well-balanced meal. Packing her lunch will teach your child about nutrition and help your mornings go a little more smoothly.

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