Healthy Drinks for Kids

Constant Sippy

A sippy cup of milk is never far away.

Little kids need about two cups of milk a day to help them get calcium and vitamin D. You might think more is always better, but when they're constantly guzzling milk, they're usually not hungry at meals. "Toddlers start to resist some of the same foods they ate as babies," says Delmonico. "So if they go into meals feeling full, they may not eat meat and veggies."

Quench It: Since whole milk is more filling than the low-fat kind, make the transition to low-fat at age 2. The AAP even suggests that 1-year-olds drink reduced-fat or low-fat milk if heart disease runs in your family. Ask your kid's pediatrician about it. If your child doesn't seem to like the less-rich taste, mix the two milks together for a while. And give her water rather than milk between meals so she comes to the table hungry.

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