5 Weeks to Healthy Eating

Week Four

Week Four: Include One Healthy Snack Each Day

  • For a nourishing midmorning snack, offer trail mix with dried fruit and nuts, a squeeze yogurt, or grapes. They're a delicious alternative to cookies and salty chips.
  • If your cookie jar is filled with store-bought goodies -- often made with unhealthy trans fats and a lot of sugar -- make our easy Oatmeal Mini Chocolate Chip Cookies (page 326), Blueberry Snack Cake (page 330), or Our Favorite Chocolate Cookie (page 324) for a super-nutritious sweet alternative.
  • Whenever you head out the door, whether it's to a soccer game or even to the supermarket, be sure to pack pretzels, dried fruit, popcorn, or an all-natural granola bar (read the label and go for the ones with the most fiber and the least sugar) in case the kids get hungry. Being prepared helps to avoid the inevitable visit to the vending machine.

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