5 Weeks to Healthy Eating

Week Two

Week Two: Add One Extra Vegetable Serving Each Day

  • If dinner is five minutes away, sit the family down and serve the evening's vegetable as an "appetizer." A few bites of broccoli, sweet potatoes, or crunchy raw vegetables with a salad dressing dip are all healthy ways to start the meal. Janice's 3-year-old, Leah, happily sits in her booster seat nibbling on frozen peas or frozen corn while waiting for dinner. Even though they're still frozen, they're a lot of fun to eat.
  • Hold the chips and Cheez Doodles and instead make baby carrots or grape tomatoes a regular side dish with your child's lunch.
  • Drink your vegetables. In the juice aisle of your supermarket, check out some of the carrot and fruit juice beverage blends. One glass provides a day's worth of vitamins A and C. You can also use this juice for making your own freezer pops.

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