5 Weeks to Healthy Eating

Five Weeks to Change: Week One

Week One: Add One Extra Serving of Fruit Each Day

  • Most kids love cereal and will devour a big bowlful before heading off to school in the morning. This week, offer a serving of fruit first. When kids wake up and they're good and hungry, they'll gladly eat half a banana, some orange slices, or a small bowl of berries. One fruit serving down, and then you can offer the cereal to complete the meal. If your children don't mind their food all mixed up, you can also toss a handful of berries or sliced bananas right on top of their cereal.
  • As a change of pace from milk and cookies after school, make a naturally sweet fruit smoothie instead. In a blender, combine a cup of 100-percent fruit juice, 1/2 ripe banana, a handful of frozen strawberries (or any frozen fruit, for that matter), and 1/2 cup vanilla or fruited lowfat yogurt. Whip it up, pour into two or three separate glasses, and serve with a few whole grain crackers or graham crackers on the side.
  • Children eat lunch at school about 180 days a year. If you pack their lunch or snack, add some fruit. Try grapes, sliced strawberries, cubed melon, a whole apple, or a single-serve fruit cup.

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