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Hilit Shefer

Veggie Robot

1. Make eyeballs from mushroom caps.
2. Create limbs with bread, cheddar cheese, carrots, cucumber, bell pepper, cherry tomatoes, and candy sprinkles.
3. Use crescent-shaped or fortune cookies for hands.
(450 calories, 15g fat)

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Hilit Shefer

Monkey Business

1. Make his hat from a red bell pepper.
2. Design his face by topping a pita with a slice of cheddar. Then add mini mozzarella balls with mini chocolate chips (eyes), cucumber peel (nose and mouth), and more cukes and cheese (ears).
3. Give him mini mozzarella balls to juggle.
4. Create the rest of his body from a fried egg, cucumber peel, bell pepper, and bread.
(331 calories, 19g fat)

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Hilit Shefer

Winging It

1. Use cookie cutters to make butterfly- and flower-shaped sandwiches with your child's favorite filling. Use cucumber peel or chives for the butterfly antennae. Top with a carrot slice and Cheerios.
2. Decorate the flowers with red peppers.
3. Make the stems, leaves, and grass from cucumbers.
(349 calories, 17g fat for PB&J sandwiches)

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Hilit Shefer

Cat's Meow

1. Make those pointy ears with wrapped Laughing Cow cheese.
2. Put cucumber slices and mini chocolate chips over halved hard-boiled eggs on a mini pita.
3. Peel cucumbers to make those long whiskers and use carrots for arms.
4. Create his tummy from Havarti cheese and two mini chips. Pull apart a piece of string cheese for the tail.
(316 calories, 14g fat)

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Hilit Shefer

Early Birds

1. Unwrap a Babybel cheese for the sun.
2. Use carrots and cucumber peel or green peppers for the tree.
3. Make a birdie with half of a hard-boiled egg, carrots, and cukes.
4. Cut a flour tortilla for the ducks and teardrop-shaped pieces of cheese for their wings. Let them "swim" on cucumbers topped with cheese spread.
(197 calories, 11g fat)

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Hilit Shefer

Baby Bear

1. Make flowers out of corn on the cob and cucumbers. Rest on half an omelet. Peel carrots to create the sun.
2. Use a whole-wheat English muffin, cukes, carrots, and mini chocolate chips for the body and head.
3. Cut flour tortilla into teardrop shape; place below bear.
(301 calories, 10g fat)

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Hilit Shefer


1. Construct the roof and chimney with whole-wheat bread crust.
2. Make the birdie with cheddar cheese, carrots, and bits of olive.
3. Use more cheese, cukes, carrots, and an olive slice for the clock.
4. Slice cherry tomatoes, black olives, and cukes for the pendulum.
(335 calories, 12g fat)

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Hilit Shefer

Ladybug's Garden

1. Make the bugs with cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, and chive antennae.
2. Place arugula on both sides.
3. Top a bed of chives with a halved mushroom.
(31 calories, 1g fat)

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Hilit Shefer

Partying Penguin

1. Use cucumber strips for the sky.
2. Create balloons with radishes and toothpicks (snip the pointy edges).
3. Make the eyes with cheese (cut out a circle using a wide straw and then make slits in it).
4. Use whole-wheat bread, carrots, and goat cheese (yum!) for the rest of the body.
(355 calories, 16g fat)

Originally published in the October 2013 issue of Parents magazine.

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