Mommy & Me Breakfasts

Do you feed your child in the morning and then grab a bite later? Instead, enjoy these breakfast dishes together.

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Tara Donne

Baked Blueberry Doughnuts

If you want something whole grain but your child had a doughnut in mind, compromise with these baked berry-filled treats, which can be made the night before.

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Tara Donne

Happy Eggs

Start the day off with a smile! You get the protein and fiber you want, and your child gets something totally fun.

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Back-to-School Breakfast Ideas for Busy Moms

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Tara Donne

Mix-it-Up Muffins

Try our all-purpose batter. Add your favorite muffin mix-ins to half, and your kids' picks to the rest. We made carrot-raisin and chocolate-raspberry.

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Tara Donne

Bell-Pepper Egg Flowers

Veggies, eggs, cheese, and whole-grain toast -- it's the perfectly balanced breakfast. And pretty too!

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Tara Donne

Two-In-One Breakfast

This recipe makes two parfaits and one smoothie -- you decide who gets what!

Originally published in the June 2013 issue of Parents magazine.

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