Make the most out of snack time with these nutritious, kid-friendly treats.

Quick and Easy Kid Snacks

Make snack time special with homemade offerings bursting with wholesome goodness and major kid appeal.

Witch Cupcakes

Frosted cupcakes make the witch's head and chocolate ice cream cones make her hat for a dessert that's perfect for Halloween.

Quick Spooky Snack

Whip up this savory and sweet snack mix in minutes for a party appetizer or a quick snack for kids.

Kids Dish on Their Favorite Snacks

Chips or chocolate? Oatmeal or ice cream? Kids talk about their favorite snacks.

Healthy Snacks Kids (and Moms) Love

These super healthy snack ideas are easy to make and even more fun to eat.

12 Healthy Snacks for Super-Busy Moms

These smart snacks are sure to keep you happy, energized, satisfied -- and away from the vending machine.

Healthy Snacks from A to Z

They beg for candy, cookies, chips -- and more candy. What's a health-conscious mom to do? Meet them halfway with these healthy, and tasty, snacks.

School-of-Fish Snack

A cute, after-school or classroom snack for kids.

Whimsical Woodland Cookies

Kids are sure to go wild for this forest full of sweet flora and fauna. Easily assembled from basic ingredients--including chocolate-covered cookies, caramel chews, and Vanilla Tootsie Rolls--these desserts make a great snacktivity or a special surprise after a hike.

Cheesy Chili Popcorn

This chili- and cheese-spiced popcorn snack is low in fat and calories but high in flavor.

Parents 25 Best Healthy Snacks for 2011

When your kid is hungry, look no further than these nutritious, mom-approved snacks.