5 Easy Grilled Summer Salads

We'll show you how to create a delicious summer salad that's easy to fix -- plus, your kids will love it!

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Peter Ardito

Grilled Greek Salad

Combine grilled shrimp, cherry tomatoes, olives, and feta cheese with romaine lettuce to make a seasonal salad your whole family will love! Make any salad more kid-friendly by letting him help toss ingredients into the salad bowl.

Nutrition per serving 377 calories; 17g protein; 27g carbs, 22g fat (3g sat. fat); 3g fiber; 3mg iron, 543mg sodium

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Peter Ardito

Italian-Style Grilled Salad

Give your grilled shrimp salad an Italian twist with fresh basil, crumbled cheese, and a hint of garlic. Serve with a side of thick rustic bread to round out the meal -- your taste buds will thank you!

Nutrition per serving 325 calories; 16g protein; 15g carbs, 22g fat (4g sat. fat); 2g fiber; 3mg iron, 381mg sodium

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Peter Ardito

Grilled Moroccan Salad

You may not be able to take a trip to Morocco -- but you can pretend! Add eggplant, lamb, chickpeas and fresh oregano to your classic salad recipe for a dinner packed full of fiber and protein.

Nutrition per serving 409 calories; 18g protein; 37g carbs, 21g fat (9g sat. fat); 6g fiber; 3mg iron, 510mg sodium

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Peter Ardito

Southwestern Grilled Chicken Wrap

This Southwestern-style wrap isn't just tasty; it's a time-saver! Fold shredded chicken, avocado, cheese and lettuce into flour tortillas for a quick and healthy dinner!

Nutrition per serving 387 calories; 14g protein; 29g carbs, 24g fat (4g sat. fat); 4g fiber; 3mg iron, 340mg sodium

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Peter Ardito

Vegetarian Grilled Greek Salad

The smoky taste of grilled tofu will have even meat lovers asking for more.

Nutrition per serving 350 calories; 10g protein; 29g carbs, 22g fat (4g sat. fat); 3g fiber; 3mg iron, 543mg sodium

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About the Chef

When Mark Bittman isn't writing recipes for us that use fresh seasonal food, are easy to prepare and that kids love, he can be found writing for the New York Times and at markbittman.com. His amazing cookbooks, How to Cook Everything and its sequel How to Cook Everything Vegetarian, are modern classics.

Originally published in the July 2010 issue of Parents magazine.

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