Kids' Night!

Feed your child what she wants -- chicken fingers and fries. Throw in broccoli too and let it all bake in the oven. With five variations on each recipe, we've got a healthy mix for every picky eater.

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Jonny Valiant

Crunchy Chicken Strips

From blue corn chips to crushed whole-grain crackers to gluten-free cornmeal, these chicken strips are coated in something fun and healthy.

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Jonny Valiant

Better-For-You Baked Fries

Cheese-topped or chili-spiced? Barbeque sauce or sea salt? These five takes on baked fries are golden!

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Manners & Responsibility: Teaching Table Manners

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Jonny Valiant

Yummy Roasted Broccoli

Broccoli will never get boring thanks to these five fast variations.

Originally published in the August 2012 issue of Parents magazine.

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