Healthy Pizzas That Deliver

Slice the fat and sodium from pizza night with these faster-than-takeout recipes.

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Kang Kim

Quilt Pizza

It's perfect for your next sleepover or party! You make the whole-grain crust, lay out the toppings, and let the kids go to town decorating their own squares.

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Kang Kim

Personal Portobello Pizzas

Packed with vitamin D and potassium, mushroom caps make an ingenious deep-dish crust.

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Kang Kim

Two-Cheese Pesto Pizza

The crust is store-bought naan bread. And the heart? You can do that with one slice of the knife.

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Kang Kim

Bagel Wreathes

Broccoli seems so much more fun to kids when it's on a bagel.

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Kang Kim

Hawaiian Pizza Pockets

This recipe churns out enough for leftovers; toss one in your kid's lunch.

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Frances Janisch

Plum & Feta Pizza

While most fruit pizza recipes are for dessert, this one makes a great main course.

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Lucy Schaeffer

BBQ Chicken Pizza

Use roast chicken leftovers to make this pie in a hurry.

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Monica Buck

Shrimp Pizza

If your kid isn't so fond of seafood, this pizza is the perfect way to persuade him to try it.

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Paula Hible

Apple Pinwheel Pizza

What's the sauce made of? Canned pumpkin!

Originally published in the December 2011 issue of Parents magazine.

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