Breakfast Recipes from Celebrity Chefs

7 super-healthy and delicious breakfast recipes from your favorite celebrity chefs.

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Catherine McCord

Her kids: Son Kenya, 3, and daughter Chloe, 1
Claim to Fame: Founder of, a healthy cooking Website; model; former MTV co-host

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Paula Hible

Catherine McCord's Pumpkin Waffles

Recipe note: Drizzle with blueberry jam for even more flavor.

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Paula Hible

Catherine McCord's Chewy Granola Balls

Recipe note: These homemade chewy granola balls are healthier and more cost efficient than the leading store brand granola snacks.

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Ana Sortun

Her kid: Daughter Siena, 4
Claim to fame: Owner and head chef at Oleana and Sofra; opened restaurants Moncef Medeb's Aigo Bistro, 8 Holyoke, and Casablanca in Massachusetts; author of SPICE: Flavors of the Eastern Mediterranean; named Best Chef: Northeast honor in 2005 from the James Beard foundation

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Paula Hible

Ana Sortun's Yogurt Parfait With Grains and Fruit Puree

Recipe note: Greek-style yogurt provides more protein than traditional yogurts.

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Cathal Armstrong

His kids: Daughter Eve, 11 and Son Eamonn, 9
Claim to Fame: Co-owner of Restaurant Eve, Eamonn's A Dublin Chipper (named after his children), and PX; award-winning chef

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Paula Hible

Cathal Armstrong's Easy-Peasy Fruit Kabobs

Recipe note: Change up the fruit on the kabobs according to the season!

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Chris Peitersen

His kid: Daughter Veronica, 5
Claim to Fame: Executive chef for Carino's Italian Restaurants

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Paula Hible

Chris Peitersen's Creamy Fruit Medley

Recipe note: Personalize it! Mix and match fruits, yogurt flavors, and nuts to tailor to your kids' likes.

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Kelsey Banfield

Her kid: Daughter Daphne, 2
Claim to Fame: Creator, The Naptime Chef, a Website with recipes, webisodes and other cooking tips

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Paula Hible

Kelsey Banfield's Zucchini-Applesauce Bread

Recipe note: Try a slice with a smear of low-fat cream cheese.

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Connie Correia Fisher

Her kids: Sons Holden, 9 and Dashiell, 4
Claim to Fame: Co-Owner of The Pop Shop in Collingswood, NJ; author of seven cookbooks

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Paula Hible

Connie Correia Fisher's Banana Split Thermos Sundae

Recipe note: Regular yogurt, although it has less protein, also works in this recipe.

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