The Nutritional Benefits of Eggs

Egg Myths

Suzanne Farrell, RD, a spokeswoman for the American Dietetic Association, separates egg fact from fiction.

Myth: Eating more than two or three yolks a week can dangerously boost cholesterol and the risk for heart disease.
The facts: While eggs have cholesterol, they're low in saturated fat -- the chief heart disease culprit. As part of a healthy diet, an egg or two a day is okay.

Myth: Brown eggs are more natural, and more nutritious, than white.
The facts: An egg's color is determined by the hen it came from, so they are equivalent nutritionally.

Myth: Eggs keep indefinitely in the refrigerator.
The facts: Fresh eggs last in the fridge for four to five weeks; toss hard-cooked eggs after one week. Store eggs in the back of the fridge, where it's coldest.

Originally published in American Baby magazine, April 2007.

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