The Nutritional Benefits of Eggs

Beyond Scrambled

Kids, known for finicky taste buds, generally like eggs. Plus, they make a healthy meal for your family any time of day, says Elizabeth Ward, RD. Some innovative ways to serve 'em:

  • Hard-boiled eggs make the perfect easy-to-pack snack.
  • French toast and crepes, which have an egg base, provide nutrients and taste.
  • Egg salad in a whole wheat tortilla is a big hit with kids and adults alike.
  • Frittatas, omelets, and quiches are good vehicles for eggs (bonus: you can easily sneak in veggies).
  • An egg sandwich on whole wheat or oat-bran toast, cut into quarters, gets fiber in your kid's diet.
  • Eggs in flour tortillas with salsa and shredded cheese make for a simple south-of-the-border entree.

Over Easter week, 93 million dozen eggs fly off dairy shelves. Of course, some of those eggs will be decorated and eventually tossed in the trash, but over any given week, Americans buy 72 million dozen eggs.

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