Make a Gingerbread Gift Box

Learn how to make Gingerbread Boxes you can fill with candy or cookies for a thoughtful homemade gift.

What You'll Need

These Gingerbread Boxes, decorated with red and green Skittles, are a great new twist on classic gingerbread houses.

To make two Gingerbread Boxes you will need:

Gingerbread box with starbursts

Zach Johnston

  • Rolling pin
  • Cookie sheet
  • Parchment paper
  • Pastry bag with tip
  • Sharp paring knife or pizza cutter
  • Kitchen scissors
  • Cardboard for patterns
  • 1 batch of your favorite gingerbread (see recipe)
  • 1 batch of royal icing (see recipe)

To decorate two Gingerbread Boxes you will need:

  • 1 package Hubba Bubba Gummi Tape Shocking Strawberry
  • Red and green Skittles (about eight 16-ounce packages)

How to Make It

To create the box:

Cutting gingerbread

Zach Johnston

  1. Make your favorite gingerbread recipe according to instructions. Before rolling out dough, cut out cardboard box patterns from sturdy cardboard. Cut one piece of cardboard to a 5x 5-inch square, and one piece to 2.5x 5-inch rectangle.
  2. Roll out approximately one-fourth of the dough 1/4 inch thick on a surface dusted lightly with flour. Using a sharp knife or pizza cutter, cut out two 5x5-inch squares and four 2.5x5-inch rectangles of dough. Remove extra dough; reserve with remaining dough for rolling other boxes.
  3. Repeat Step 2 for multiple boxes.
  4. Bake pieces according to instructions. Remove gingerbread from oven and place on a wire rack to cool completely, preferably overnight.
  5. Place one side next to the base and frost in place using royal icing. Hold for 10 to 15 seconds. Prop it against a book for stability. Let each side dry completely before adhering the next, about 15 minutes.
  6. Repeat Step 5 with each side of the box, frosting the inside edges with each new side.
  7. While the base is drying, it's time to start thinking about decorating.

For decoration:

Putting m&ms on box

Zach Johnston

  1. Using red and green Skittles for box sides and top, create a mosaic pattern as shown in image.
  2. Use Hubba Bubba Gummi Tape to create a bow and frost it to the center of the box top.

Instructions for red bow:

  1. With scissors, cut two pieces of Hubba Bubba Gummi tape long enough to cover the length of the top plus a few inches to wrap around the underside. Frost one piece horizontally down the middle of the box and be sure to glue the overhang.
  2. Frost the other piece vertically down the middle, crossing over the previous piece. Be sure to frost the overhang.
  3. With Hubba Bubba Gummi Tape, create a bow and frost it to the center of the box top.
  4. After decorating the base, as outlined above. Cut four pieces of Gummi Tape long enough to go from the bottom of the outside up and over to the bottom of the inside. Frost onto the middle of all four sides of the box.

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