5 Fresh Family Dinners

Rushing to get dinner on the table after work? Spice up your routine with these fun, quick ideas.

Indoor picnic

Spread out a blanket on the living-room floor, pack a basket, and "rough it" at your make-believe campsite.

Fabulous fridge burritos

Is your refrigerator full of leftovers? Put them all out on the table, give everyone a tortilla, and let them wrap up their own creations.

Breakfast at bedtime

Flip your day around, and have pancakes, eggs, and orange juice for dinner.

Movie night

Use your kids' favorite flick for inspiration--make Lady and the Tramp spaghetti or Finding Nemo fish sticks.

Surprise supper

Play a game. Whoever gets the bay leaf in the pasta sauce doesn't have to help clear the table, or the person who gets the hamburger with a pickle on it gets an extra dessert.

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