Yummy Soups and Sandwiches

When your kids need a change from the same old grilled cheese and tomato soup, try one of these recipes. You can mix and match them to make different soup-and-sandwich meals or serve them on their own.

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Paula Hible

Ravioli Soup

Mini turkey meatballs add low-fat protein to this hearty pasta and veggie soup.

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Ann Stratton

Grilled Chicken Salad Wraps

Heating these sandwiches in a skillet gives them a warm and crispy shell that's appealing to kids.

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Slow Cooker Tortilla Soup

If your kids can't handle a lot of spice, just leave out the chiles and use plain canned tomatoes.

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Healthy Lunch Ideas for Kids

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Mini Cheddar Burgers

These seasoned cheeseburgers are just perfect for little hands.

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Creamy Tomato Soup

A sprinkle of bacon tops off this rich and creamy soup, which is the perfect match for grilled cheese.

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Lucy Schaeffer

Veggie Burgers

Your kids may actually eat their veggies when they're formed into these cute mini burgers.

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Monica Buck

Garden Vegetable Soup

This quick-fix soup goes great with most any sandwich. Or serve with crackers and cheese and some sliced fresh fruit.

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Alexandra Grablewski

Cape Cod Turkey Pitas

Instead of serving up a plain turkey sandwich, turn that deli turkey into a fun and flavorful salad. Dried cranberries add color and sweetness.

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Marty Baldwin

Pasta Fagioli with Sausage

A rich Italian soup that's ready in under 20 minutes? This is it—and it's one your kids will eat.

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Kate Mathis

Pulled Pork Sandwiches

The pork shoulder gets tender enough to shred when you make it in the slow cooker.

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Taco Soup

With ground beef and black beans, this low-fat recipe is like a taco in a bowl.

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Alison Miksch

Turkey Cheeseburgers

The cheese is mixed in with the burger instead of going on top for these simple sandwiches.

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Rita Maas

Sirloin Soup

You can use your family's favorite vegetables in this soup to make it even more appealing.

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Grilled Tomato & Cheese

Using whole grain bread boosts the fiber in this favorite sandwich, which gets a flavor twist from fresh basil leaves.

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Easy Minestrone

Kids will love the tiny pasta in this Italian-style soup. And you'll love that it's so easy to make.

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BBQ Brisket on Buns

The brisket gets moist and tender in the slow cooker. And the recipe makes enough for 12 so you can serve it to a crowd or freeze any leftovers for another meal.

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Mac & Cheese Soup

You know they love mac and cheese so this soup is sure to be a hit, even with the added veggies.

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Alan Richardson

Chicken-Tomato Wraps

A hot chicken and tomato mixture is combined with cool cucumbers and avocado to make this handheld sandwich.

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Alexandra Grablewski

No-Cook Asian Chicken Wraps

A yummy homemade peanut sauce flavors this handheld sandwich. Rotisserie chicken makes it quick and easy.

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