Mexican-Inspired Dinner Recipes

Why go out for Mexican when it's so easy to make at home? With these recipes, you can choose from fajitas, tacos, burritos, and more.

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Quick Chicken Fajitas

Using leftover chicken breasts and a bag of frozen vegetables helps you get this meal on the table fast.

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Tina Rupp

Fish Tacos

A cool and creamy cilantro-lime sauce adds fresh flavor to these quick-fix soft tacos.

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James Baigrie

Taco-Night Pasta

Ground beef is replaced with soy crumbles in this low-fat meatless meal. Kids will like the wagon wheel-shape pasta.

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Double-Decker Quesadilla

Quesadillas are often considered an appetizer, but these have chicken and black beans, making them filling enough for dinner.

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Mini Mexican Pizzas

Beans and cheese give these meatless pizzas a good dose of protein. And they have far less fat than a typical pizza.

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Erik Rank

Taco Potato Skins

Your kids will love these stuffed potatoes for dinner. They're loaded with ground beef and cheese and served with ranch dressing.

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Charles Schiller

Shrimp Quesadillas with Mango

Lime juice, chili powder, and garlic season the shrimp for this restaurantlike meal. Mango puree is served on the side.

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Mark Thomas

Mexican Pulled Pork Tacos

Fill your slow cooker with meat, vegetables, and seasonings in the morning and by dinnertime, you can fill your tortillas and eat.

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Lucy Schaeffer

Cheesy Meximac

This spiced-up spin on the classic mac and cheese is sure to be a hit with your kids.

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Alan Richardson

Mexican Ropa Vieja

These soft tacos are loaded up with seasoned flank steak that's slowly cooked until it's tender enough to shred.

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Lucy Schaeffer

Quinoa & Red Bean Burritos

High in fiber and low in fat, these hearty burritos make a healthy meal that's also quick to fix.

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Rita Maas

Pork Pozole

This hearty stew is low in fat and calories but still satisfying and delicious. And it's made in the slow cooker to save you time in the kitchen.

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Rita Maas

Taco Skillet Pie

A purchased corn bread mix makes an easy topper for this savory beef and black bean casserole.

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Taco Soup

Just brown the ground beef, add in a few more ingredients, and let simmer. That's all you need to do for this fast meal.

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Tina Rupp

Turkey Chilaquiles

Have leftover turkey to use? Then try this 20-minute skillet meal. It's loaded with flavor!

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30-Minute Beef Fajitas

Flank steak is a thin cut of beef that cooks quickly, which is why you can easily make this dinner on a busy weeknight.

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Lara Robby

Carnita Enchiladas

This kid-friendly casserole is layered with flour tortillas, ground beef, potatoes, and black beans.

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Mark Thomas

Nacho Casserole

Serve this beef casserole when your family craves nachos but wants a heartier meal than the classic chips-and-cheese appetizer.

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Mark Ferri

Mexican Chicken Salad

Spicy seasoned chicken is tossed with fresh avocado, tomatoes, and Thousand Island dressing for this variation on a favorite main dish salad.

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Jason Donnelly

Steak & Mushroom Burrito

Meaty portobello mushrooms are the perfect match for the grilled skirt steak in these hearty wraps.

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