Grilled Cheese, Please

Lose the butter! These gooey sandwiches are lower in fat -- plus, many have a fruit or veggie tucked inside.

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Marcus Nilsson

Apple-Cheddar Grilled Cheese

You may never have thought to make your grilled cheese with cinnamon bread, but it's actually a perfect match for the raisins and apple slices tucked inside.

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Marcus Nilsson

Grilled Ham & Cheese

This sandwich's secret weapon: red peppers, which supply plenty of vitamin C.

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Marcus Nilsson

Nutty Banana Grilled Cheese

It's not only okay to start the day with this protein-packed grilled cheese, it's actually healthier than many morning meals.

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Marcus Nilsson

Grilled Cheese Pizza

We put mozzarella and sauce inside Italian bread, but feel free to add other pizza toppings. Serve with tomato soup.

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Frances Janisch

Grilled Cheese on A Stick

A pretzel rod makes a fun handle for grilled cheese circles.

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Lucy Schaeffer

Waffle Grilled Cheese

Who needs a pricey Panini press? Use a waffle iron to make grilled cheese sandwiches.

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Paula Hible

Open-Face Cheese Sandwiches

This genius recipe comes from Iron Chef Cat Cora.

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