Way Cool Frozen Desserts

Frosty S'Mores

Who needs a campfire? We packed our favorite summer dessert into a delicious ice cream log.

1 circular container (1.75 quarts) vanilla ice cream, softened

1 jar (7.5 oz.) marshmallow spread

1 cup chocolate chunks

1 1/2 cups honey Teddy Grahams

1 cup chocolate sprinkles

  1. Put ice cream in a large bowl. Rinse and dry the circular ice cream container. Line the inside of the container with a gallon-size freezer-weight resealable plastic bag, pulling the top of the bag over the sides.
  2. Add remaining ingredients except the sprinkles to the ice cream, mix together, and scoop back into the bag-lined container, pressing ice cream mixture down to pack. Firmly press ice cream into log shape. Seal bag and freeze container until ice cream sets, about 2 hours.
  3. Remove log from container and bag. Roll log in sprinkles, place on a serving plate, and cut into 10 slices.

Copyright ? 2006. Reprinted with permission from the August 2006 issue of Parents magazine.

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